Experience the Thrill of Renting a Boyfriend in Japan

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Do you find yourself longing for companionship but lacking a boyfriend? Well, you’re in luck because Japan has just the service for you – “Boyfriend Rental” (レンタル彼氏 or Rentaru Kareshi). This unique offering, similar to host bars and other companion services, has recently gained popularity in Japan.


The subtitle for this exciting service reads, “This is the time when you can also buy a boyfriend with money.” Although there have always been people available for hire, this new service aims to provide the experience of truly having a boyfriend.


Unlike traditional relationships, the rented boyfriends are not objects of desire for physical intimacy. This is an experience centered around companionship and the exhilarating feeling of being with someone special. While kissing and other forms of physical affection are off the table, handholding and hugging are permitted.

According to a report from Hakunetsu Live Vivid, forty percent of those who rent boyfriends are housewives. The service has also gained a significant number of repeat customers, with fifty percent of users coming back for more. However, it’s important to note that not all women in Japan are resorting to renting boyfriends. This is a unique and specific service catering to those seeking companionship.


Renting a boyfriend, however, comes at a cost. Services like these offer different grades of boyfriends, each with their own hourly rate. The “Fresh” package comes in at 5,000 yen ($40.22) per hour, the “Regular” package at 6,000 yen ($48.26) per hour, and the “Special” package at 7,000 yen ($56.31) per hour. As you can see, maintaining a rented boyfriend can become quite expensive.

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For those curious about what a day with a rented boyfriend may look like, let’s take a look at one woman’s experience. She embarked on a shopping spree, where her rental boyfriend generously bought her various items using the money she provided. They then enjoyed an arcade visit, sang karaoke together, and held hands. The date concluded with warm hugs, creating an unforgettable memory. However, this memorable experience came with a price tag. The six-hour date cost her a total of 69,029 yen ($555.27).


While some may find the cost steep, it’s worth considering that Japan offers a wide range of companionship services catering to men who are willing to spend substantial amounts of money. Therefore, it’s only fair that women have rental companions available too. Although this service may not be for everyone, for those seeking temporary affection and companionship, renting a boyfriend in Japan offers a unique and thrilling experience.

So, the next time you find yourself longing for company, why not consider renting a boyfriend? Maybe it’s time to try something new and exciting! Who knows, a rented boyfriend might just provide the companionship and adventure you’ve been searching for.

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