About Us

Cara Anderson – Dating Expert, Cara Anderson became President and CEO of Six Minute Dates Inc. in October 2007. After many years of searching for “her passion”, she met Christine Hart (founder of SMD) at a lecture that she was sponsoring. They got to talking and Cara found her career path so fascinating, she decided to try out an event. One serendipitous meeting, one night of speed-dating, many conversations later, and she bought the business.

Matchmaking always came naturally to Cara as she has been the catalyst for many of her friends’ love lives. Currently four sets of her friends are married with children due to her matchmaking skills.

The dream of running her own business is what drove her to Calgary. Being originally from Edmonton, and then living in Red Deer for 7 years, Calgary seemed like the next logical move. Moving to Calgary in 2005 only furthered her ambition to start a business in this vibrant and progressive city. What a great place to start a new career!

Previous to Six Minute Dates Inc., she enjoyed 9 years of recruiting students for a rural college just north of Calgary. Travelling across Western Canada talking to students, parents, counsellors afforded her ability to talk to anyone, anywhere. Learning to get to the heart of the issue became the skill she used most often due to the short time frame in each location. This skill is essential when talking to people about dating and love.

What do you REALLY want in your life? This is often one of her first questions to people.

She has a strong business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit, which she combines with a passion for event planning and talking to people. Cara is dedicated to helping singles meet in an enjoyable and sophisticated manner. She can’t think of a better way to spend her days than helping people find love and friendship in their lives!