The New Era of Unicorn Dating: Exploring Connections Beyond Norms


In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the dating world: unicorn dating. It goes beyond the traditional couple dynamic and embraces the concept of polyamory. Unicorn dating involves couples seeking a third person to join them in a relationship that is built on trust, communication, and exploration. In this article, we will delve into the world of unicorn dating, its benefits, and the popular platforms that cater to this unique dating experience.

Understanding Unicorn Dating

Unicorn dating is not just about finding a third person; it’s about finding someone who complements the dynamic and preferences of the couple. The unicorn, a versatile and empathetic individual, becomes a guest member of the couple’s relationship. They bring a fresh perspective, enhancing the couple’s intimacy and emotional connection.

Unicorn dating is much more than a casual encounter; it requires open and honest communication between all parties involved. This fosters growth and strengthens the relationship, allowing the couple to explore new levels of excitement and adventure together. It also provides an opportunity to explore different sexual orientations, fetishes, and kinks, adding diversity to the relationship.

Unicorn dating apps

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The Benefits of Unicorn Dating

Unicorn dating offers numerous benefits for couples seeking to expand their relationship:

  • Enhanced Intimacy: By sharing their sexual and emotional experiences with a third person, couples can deepen their bond and enhance their intimacy.
  • Open Communication: Unicorn dating necessitates open and honest communication, fostering improved communication skills and a stronger relationship.
  • Increased Excitement: Adding a third person to the relationship injects a new level of excitement and adventure, keeping the relationship fresh and invigorating.
  • Diversity: Unicorn dating allows for the exploration of different sexual orientations, fetishes, and kinks, adding diversity and new dimensions to the relationship.
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Understanding Unicorn Hunting

Unicorn hunting refers to the practice of a couple actively seeking a third person to join their relationship. This can take various forms, not limited to specific genders or sexualities. Unicorn hunting is controversial within the realm of ethical non-monogamy, as it can lead to possible issues of exploitation and objectification. It is crucial to approach unicorn dating with respect, communication, and consent.

These ongoing discussions around unicorn hunting have gained attention on platforms like TikTok, where content creators and commentators share their perspectives on the topic. Critics argue that unicorn hunting may not be fair to the third person involved, emphasizing the importance of ethical and respectful practices in any non-monogamous arrangement.

Popular Platforms for Unicorn Dating

In the realm of online dating, several platforms cater to the needs of individuals seeking unicorn dating experiences, polyamorous relationships, and non-monogamous connections. These platforms prioritize coherence, content authenticity, and user engagement. Let’s explore some of the popular unicorn dating apps:


3Fun dating app

3Fun is a renowned unicorn dating app that connects people looking for open relationships. Trusted by millions of users, the app offers a safe and secure environment for singles and couples alike. With its strict security measures and continuous updates, 3Fun ensures a safe and wonderful dating experience.


Feeld unicorn dating site

Feeld is a unicorn dating app designed for open-minded individuals seeking unconventional relationships. The app fosters inclusivity and encourages users to express their desires and preferences honestly. With its advanced matching algorithms, Feeld ensures well-suited matches while enhancing the human touch.


3Somer is a user-friendly app specifically designed for unicorn dating and threesome experiences. With its verification process and active moderation, 3Somer provides a safe and respectful environment for like-minded individuals to connect.

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PolyMatchMaker is an inclusive app for individuals interested in polyamorous relationships, including unicorn dating. The app offers comprehensive search and matching systems, ensuring genuine connections and authentic experiences.


OpenMinded is a platform that embraces various forms of non-monogamy, providing a safe and supportive community for unicorn dating and alternative relationship styles. The platform actively engages with users, offers guidance on profile creation, and facilitates meaningful conversations.


While not exclusively a unicorn dating app, OkCupid allows users to express their desires and preferences openly. With a commitment to coherence and human-made content, OkCupid connects individuals based on shared interests and values.


Zever stands out by maintaining coherence and authenticity through content curation and moderation. With dedicated professionals curating content, Zever ensures a genuine user experience.


Tenderbang is an inclusive unicorn dating site that caters to individuals seeking romantic and casual encounters. The user-friendly interface and diverse user base create an exciting opportunity to explore relationships and meet like-minded people.


BiCupid is a renowned unicorn dating site for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. It offers a safe and inclusive space for exploration and connection within the bisexual community. BiCupid also serves as a unicorn dating site for couples, providing a platform for finding compatible unicorns.


BC3Some is an innovative unicorn dating site and online platform that caters to individuals and couples seeking threesome experiences. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, BC3Some fosters connections and exploration in a secure and private environment.

Tips for Successful Unicorn Dating

To ensure a successful unicorn dating experience, consider the following tips:

  • Communication: Open and honest communication is essential. Discuss boundaries, expectations, and comfort levels to establish a strong foundation.
  • Trust: Trust is vital for all parties involved to feel secure and confident in the relationship.
  • Respect: Respect each other’s boundaries and be considerate of each other’s feelings.
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility between the couple, the unicorn, and their dynamic. Shared expectations are key for a fulfilling relationship.
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Unicorn dating offers couples an opportunity for growth, exploration, and fulfillment. With the rise of dating apps designed specifically for open-minded individuals, this unique dating experience has become more accessible. However, it is essential to approach unicorn dating with caution and prioritize open communication, trust, respect, and compatibility. By fostering these values, couples can embark on a journey of connection and discovery that goes beyond societal norms.

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