The Dating Revolution: Jigsaw App Empowers Genuine Connections


Dating apps have evolved significantly over the years, but one British company is set to disrupt the industry. Jigsaw, a revolutionary dating app that challenges the superficiality of traditional platforms, recently secured a groundbreaking £2.7 million seed funding round led by The Relationship Corp. This investment will fuel Jigsaw’s expansion in the United States and support further technological innovation.

Personality First: Going Beyond Looks

Jigsaw stands apart from other dating apps by prioritizing personality over physical appearance. Instead of showcasing users’ faces, the app overlays a digital jigsaw puzzle that gradually disappears as users engage in meaningful conversations. By shifting the focus from looks to substance, Jigsaw aims to foster authentic connections.

A Blossoming Community

Since its initial launch in London in 2019, Jigsaw has rapidly gained popularity. Following its successful completion of NASDAQ’s start-up accelerator in San Francisco, the app secured £3.6 million in funding. Now, Jigsaw has expanded to the United States and boasts a community of 50,000 singles seeking more fulfilling dating experiences.

With ambitious plans to grow its user base to over half a million in the next six months, Jigsaw taps into a growing trend in the US. Recent research by the app revealed that 67% of American dating app users are tired of being solely judged on their looks, with 71% actively seeking a better alternative.

Encouraging Authenticity

Jigsaw prides itself on its unique features that promote genuine self-expression. The app possesses a patented core USP that reveals users’ faces through communication. Additionally, Jigsaw rejects face-warping filters and consciously avoids collecting physical information, such as height, body shape, and ethnicity. This emphasis on authenticity revolutionizes the dating experience.

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The recent investment will be funneled into developing innovative features that encourage users to be their true selves and showcase their personalities.

Pioneering Minds

Jigsaw’s inception can be traced back to the shared vision of childhood friends Alex Durrant (Co-Founder and CEO) and Max Adamski (Co-Founder and CPO). Dissatisfied with the shallow dating app landscape, they embarked on a mission to foster more meaningful connections. In 2018, they both left their jobs to dedicate themselves fully to Jigsaw, which now operates from offices in Manchester and London, with a team of 14.

Joining Durrant and Adamski on the Jigsaw board are Chris Edmonds as Chairman and Christina Mills as Brand & Comms Director.

Embracing the Future

The success of Jigsaw in the UK and its promising US launch demonstrate that the app’s approach resonates with individuals seeking substantive connections. As Alex Durrant, Co-Founder of Jigsaw, explains, “People are embracing getting to know each other more than a quick swipe. Our growth figures prove the Jigsaw approach is one that Americans value.”

Jigsaw’s commitment to saving singles from superficial dating has earned it a loyal following. The app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play in the US and UK, offering an alternative to the shallow culture prevalent in many dating apps.

With Jigsaw’s fresh take on dating, finding genuine connections has never been easier. Experience the revolution for yourself at Six Minute Dates.