The Sisterhood of Justice: Unleashing The Girlfriends Podcast

The Girlfriends Podcast

In a groundbreaking collaboration with NO MORE, a charity dedicated to preventing domestic and sexual violence, iHeartPodcasts and Novel proudly present “The Girlfriends,” a fresh and gripping true crime series. This riveting podcast divulges the remarkable tale of a group of women who banded together to bring a murderous ex-boyfriend to justice.

United Against Injustice

In a world where justice often falters, “The Girlfriends” uncovers the incredible power of unity among women. Unlike your typical true crime story, this podcast focuses not on the murderer himself, Bob, but on his wife Gail and the other women who once dated him, potentially facing the same tragic fate. It reveals the indomitable spirit of Gail’s sister, Alayne, who refused to surrender in her fight for justice. As the story unfolds, the podcast highlights the profound gratitude Alayne feels upon discovering that a sisterhood of women in Las Vegas and New York stands alongside her.

Empowering and Galvanizing

Hosted by Carole Fisher, one of “The Girlfriends,” this hard-hitting podcast series comes alive with empowering and galvanizing moments. Carole, a mother, grandmother, and successful businesswoman in the field of palliative care, shares her own personal story. She recounts her six-month long relationship with a man who, after nearly three decades, is revealed to be a murderer. Carole’s firsthand experience forms the heart of the podcast and adds a unique perspective.

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The Power of Women’s Voices

“The Girlfriends” podcast is enriched by an original choral score composed by Luisa Gerstein, known for her work with Deep Throat Choir. This evocative soundtrack places women’s voices at the center of the storytelling, further amplifying the essence of this true justice series.

Listen to Episode One Now

The Girlfriends Podcast - Episode One

The first episode of “The Girlfriends” podcast is now available for streaming. Immerse yourself in this captivating series and discover the unwavering strength of women who refuse to be silenced. Listen to episode one here.

About iHeartPodcasts and Novel

iHeartPodcasts and Novel join forces to produce this exceptional podcast series. Novel, a leading independent premium podcast company, specializes in crafting immersive and sonically rich stories. Their repertoire includes chart-topping and award-winning podcasts such as “Stolen Hearts,” “Harsh Reality,” “Superhero Complex,” and “Filthy Ritual.” With their passion for groundbreaking audio content, they are at the forefront of shaping the podcast landscape.

Taking a Stand with NO MORE

Driven by the shared mission of ending domestic violence and sexual assault, NO MORE has aligned with “The Girlfriends” podcast. This foundation inspires action, increases awareness, and fuels cultural change through its global network of allied organizations and chapters. By providing public awareness campaigns, educational resources, and community organizing tools, NO MORE empowers women and men of all backgrounds to become part of the solution.

Join The Girlfriends Sisterhood

“The Girlfriends” podcast invites you to embark on a journey of justice and empowerment alongside Carole Fisher and the remarkable women who make up this unbreakable sisterhood. Tune in to the iHeartRadio app or your preferred podcast platform to listen to episode one of “The Girlfriends.” Become a part of their inspiring movement and contribute to a world free of violence.

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About Carole Fisher

Carole Fisher, a first-time podcaster, brings her incredible personal story to life in “The Girlfriends” podcast. As a mother, grandmother, and successful businesswoman, Carole’s journey unfolds through her own words. After nearly thirty years, she shares her experience of dating a man who turned out to be a murderer. Carole’s bravery and resilience serve as an inspiration to all who listen.

The Girlfriends Podcast - Cover Art

Cover art for “The Girlfriends” podcast can be downloaded here.


“The Girlfriends” podcast is an extraordinary tale of resilience, solidarity, and the power of unity. Carole Fisher and her fellow girlfriends take a stand against injustice, forging a path towards a brighter future. Step into their world and witness the transformative impact of the sisterhood of justice. Join the movement to end domestic and sexual violence by listening to “The Girlfriends” podcast, available now.

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