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In a world saturated with dating apps and the treacherous terrain of modern romance, the Entergalactic animation offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of falling in love. Produced by Kid Cudi and featuring an unexpected ensemble cast including Timothy Chalamet, Jessica Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Ty Dolla $ign, and Laura Harrier, this captivating film immerses audiences in a visually stunning narrative similar to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Far from being a children’s movie, Entergalactic delves into the harsh realities of the contemporary dating landscape, highlighting the intricacies of situationships and the common pitfalls of romance today. The story revolves around Jabari (played by Cudi), a street artist renowned for his Mr. Rager murals, who embarks on a new chapter in his life when he lands a job at Cosmic Comics. As he settles into his role as a comic artist in the bustling city of Manhattan, he unofficially ends his relationship with Carmen (played by Harrier), who had previously broken things off with him.

Encouraged by his friends, Jimmy and Ky (played by Chalamet and Dolla $ign), Jabari embraces the single life and focuses on enjoying himself. These moments of bliss are accentuated by dream-like intergalactic sequences, which introduce his street art and his soon-to-be comic character, Mr. Rager. As Jabari transitions into his new era, he moves into a luxury warehouse loft apartment in Manhattan, where he crosses paths with Meadow (played by Williams), a successful artist who happens to be his neighbor.

While Jabari initially committed to remaining single and prioritizing his career, he repeatedly finds himself encountering Meadow, both in their apartment building and throughout the vibrant and creative streets of Manhattan. Everywhere he looks, a new dating app called Stush is advertised, adding to the allure and complexity of his situation. Instantly captivated by Meadow’s charisma and bohemian spirit, Jabari’s world is turned upside down.

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Entergalactic paints a vivid picture of Jabari’s universe, where the peaceful and enchanting Meadow floats like an ethereal presence through his life. Their romance blossoms against a backdrop of month-long bliss, yet it becomes entangled with the omnipresence of Stush culture (symbolizing online dating culture), Carmen’s persistent attempts to be more than friends, and Jabari’s desire to maintain independence and protect his rapport with Meadow, who is, after all, his neighbor.

Simultaneously, Jabari must navigate the transition from his street art roots to the corporate world of comic books. He faces pressure from his colleagues to conform and produce work that is “bright, white, and light,” a demand he adamantly refuses to meet.

In a world driven by technology, connections are forged, maintained, and severed in the name of convenience and casualness. Jabari’s struggle to keep things undefined while falling deeper in love with Meadow reflects the dualities faced by many in today’s dating scene.

Eventually, influenced by his mother’s advice, Jabari realizes that love must be pursued intentionally to be genuine. He mends his relationship with Meadow, and the two share a heartfelt kiss against the backdrop of intergalactic space, a recurring theme throughout the film. Meanwhile, Stush is exposed for mining and hacking personal data, shedding light on the dangers lurking behind the façade of convenience.

Entergalactic, which is available for streaming on Netflix, offers a message of hope and optimism. Its visually stunning aesthetics, paired with Cudi’s signature synth instrumentals and a soundtrack produced by the artist himself, create a romantic and enchanting portrayal of New York City. Known as one of the most challenging places to find lasting love, the film imbues viewers with a newfound sense of hope when it comes to navigating the world of technology and forging meaningful connections.

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In conclusion, Entergalactic is a cinematic journey that goes beyond the realms of conventional love stories. With its unique storyline, beautiful animation, and mesmerizing music, the film reminds us that genuine connections can thrive when pursued with purpose. As we delve into the complexities of modern romance, the Stush dating app brings us a step closer to finding love amidst the vast digital landscape.



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