Stolen Girlfriends Club: A Rebellious Fashion Movement

A unique rebellion is sweeping through the fashion industry, originating from the vibrant shores of New Zealand. Stolen Girlfriends Club, founded by the talented trio of Marc Moore, Dan Gosling, and Luke Harwood, has been carving a niche for themselves since 2005. With an unwavering determination, this label has become a prominent presence in the New Zealand fashion scene and is now setting its sights on a much broader horizon.

A Breakthrough Moment

In an exclusive interview during New Zealand Fashion Week, co-founder Marc Moore shared the remarkable origins of the brand. He recounted the exact moment when the sparks of inspiration ignited: “It was right after my first ever art show!” Moore explained, eyes gleaming with excitement. The provocative exhibition, titled “Stolen Girlfriends Club,” revolved around a group of audacious individuals rescuing girls from toxic relationships. The concept resonated deeply with the audience, and the art sold out within hours. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Moore and his partners decided to plunge headlong into the world of fashion, establishing a brand that would empower both men and women. And so, the journey of Stolen Girlfriends Club commenced, characterized by its androgynous appeal and captivating designs.

Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2018
Caption: Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2018. Credit: Arthvr Lin

An Aesthetic Symphony

If Stolen Girlfriends Club were a musical sensation, Moore mused, it would embody the spirit of the renowned band, “New Order.” He drew parallels between the band’s fusion of post-punk, electronic, and dance genres and the label’s bold, unapologetic style. The brand’s latest collection, aptly named “New Sincerity // Deep Irony,” draws inspiration from Derek Ridgers’ captivating book, “The Others.” Ridgers, a prominent photographer from the ’80s, captured the essence of London’s club kids in their most authentic form. These vibrant youths, driven by raw self-expression, ingeniously blended thrift store finds from various eras, cultures, and trends. The resulting ensembles represented a unique amalgamation of punk and new wave, coupled with touches of tailoring and military aesthetics. Stolen Girlfriends Club has embraced this spirit, blending sequined glamour with military-inspired pieces and tailored suits, tailored equally for men and women.

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The Identity of a Rebel

Stolen Girlfriends Club exudes an air of confidence, rebellion, and sharp intellect. Moore revealed that the brand was born out of his personal struggle with self-confidence. “I wanted to create a label that empowers individuals, even when they aren’t feeling their best,” he reflected. “Wearing our clothes should make you feel like the coolest person in the room, regardless of how you’re feeling internally.” In many ways, Stolen Girlfriends Club serves as Moore’s alter-ego, embodying the person he aspires to be—bold, confident, and unapologetically authentic.

Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2018 After Party
Caption: Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2018 After Party Credit: Snapper Online / Andre Kong

Beyond Boundaries

While Stolen Girlfriends Club has established itself as an institution in New Zealand, Moore has set his sights on global recognition. “I never aimed to become a household name in New Zealand,” he confessed. “I’d much rather be a small brand with a global presence.” With a loyal and devoted community at home, the brand is now eager to expand its reach to other parts of the world. Moore’s dream is to connect with like-minded individuals across different cities, sharing the brand’s unique vision. Recently, the brand’s collaboration with Montreal-based store SSENSE has bolstered their confidence in pursuing international markets. The team at SSENSE appreciates fashion that pushes boundaries and celebrates individuality, allowing Stolen Girlfriends Club to unleash their creative prowess.

To experience the exuberance of Stolen Girlfriends Club firsthand, visit their online store. Step into a world where confidence reigns supreme, rebellion thrives, and fashion becomes a powerful statement of personal identity.

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