Introducing Six Minute Dates: A Fresh Approach to Dating

Dating app fatigue, ghosting, and endless swiping with little connection have become all too familiar in the world of online dating. Alena Titova and Cora Kyler, best friends and tired of disappointing experiences themselves, decided it was time for a change. Alena, a master’s student in architecture at MIT, and Cora, deep into her math PhD at Berkeley, wanted to create an app that would finally provide meaningful connections in the post-pandemic world.

As they emerged from their academic bubbles in 2021, Alena and Cora shared their dating app stories and realized that many others felt the same frustration. In fact, studies show that 45 percent of online daters feel frustrated with their experiences, with Generation Z having never known dating without dating apps. A shocking 42 percent of online daters even describe their experiences as negative. This shared dissatisfaction sparked a desire in Alena and Cora to create an app that would prioritize real connections and meaningful in-person dates.

Drawing on their unique skill sets, Alena approached the app’s creation as if she were designing a physical space, carefully considering the pathways people take in their search for love. Cora, on the other hand, looked at the app from a math and algorithmic perspective. Together, they devised a revolutionary concept that goes beyond the standard data collection within the app itself.

Introducing Six Minute Dates, a soon-to-be-launched dating app that prioritizes in-person dates, the quality of matches, and speed. This app aims to match users based on how they spend time in the real world rather than relying solely on app interactions. By utilizing privacy-preserving technology, Six Minute Dates aims to uncover who you truly give your undivided attention to.

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Currently in beta testing in the Bay Area, California, Six Minute Dates distinguishes itself from other dating apps by incorporating real-life experiences into the matching process. Here’s how it works:

A New Way to Swipe

Instead of blindly swiping left or right, Six Minute Dates allows users to swipe and view a match’s video reply to a specific prompt. This enables users to determine if they feel compatible and genuinely interested in meeting the person in real life.

Indicating Preferred Meeting Times

Once a match is made, users can indicate their preferred times to meet. The app takes this information into account when suggesting a location and time for the first date.

Unique Date Recommendations

Six Minute Dates goes the extra mile by providing users with a curated list of cool and unconventional date spots in their area. Imagine receiving a personal message that includes an invitation to meet for tea at Red Bay followed by a stroll along the pier. By offering unique date suggestions, Six Minute Dates ensures that every encounter is memorable and enjoyable.

According to Cora, one of the co-founders, Six Minute Dates aims to combat the isolation often felt when using dating apps. “There isn’t enough effort put into reversing the kind of isolation that people can feel on this kind of technology when it promises so much,” she notes. With Six Minute Dates, Alena and Cora have taken care of that.

So, if you’re tired of endless online conversations that lead nowhere, give Six Minute Dates a try. Experience the joy of meeting someone in person sooner rather than later. Don’t waste time on superficial connections; let Six Minute Dates guide you towards meaningful, memorable encounters. Good luck on your dating journey!

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