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Japan is known for its eccentric entertainment businesses, from maid cafes to owl cafes and robot restaurants. However, there’s a new trend that has captured the attention of many – “Rental Boyfriend!” This unique service allows you to rent a boyfriend for a specified period of time and experience the full boyfriend experience. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Rental Boyfriends and discover what makes it so intriguing.

The Concept of Rental Boyfriend

Imagine being able to rent your ideal boyfriend and have a fulfilling romantic experience without the complications of a real relationship. Rental Boyfriend services provide just that. Though guidelines may vary depending on the agency, the core idea remains the same – you can spend quality time with someone you rent, enjoying their company and creating cherished memories.

The Rules of Rental Boyfriend

When renting a boyfriend, there are certain guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful experience. While you have the freedom to do almost anything with your rented boyfriend, there are a few restrictions. Sexual activities, including kissing, are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, using private transportation, staying overnight, and going to private spaces, except for karaoke, are not allowed. It is also important to note that sharing personal contact information or meeting outside of the service is not permitted.

Renting a Boyfriend: The Process

To rent a boyfriend, you begin by visiting the agency’s website and selecting the person you’d like to go on a date with. After submitting a form with essential details such as preferred dates, locations, and activities, your application is reviewed. If accepted, you receive an email from your boyfriend, initiating a conversation to plan the date. The communication starts formal but quickly becomes casual, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Once all the details are settled, you eagerly await your big day.

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A Memorable Date

On the morning of the date, your boyfriend asks what you will be wearing to easily spot you. It’s an exciting moment, wondering if your rented boyfriend will live up to your expectations. In Japan, where looks can be deceiving, it’s natural to feel a mix of nervousness and anticipation. However, this is Japan, and your boyfriend turns out to be just as charming as the pictures and videos on the website promised.

As you explore the city together, you feel like a real couple. The gentlemanly gestures are endearing, such as your boyfriend naturally holding your hand to keep you warm. It’s moments like these that make you believe in the illusion of the perfect boyfriend experience.

The Experience and Payment

During the date, your rented boyfriend goes above and beyond to ensure your happiness. He remembers your preferences and desires, making every effort to fulfill them. Small gestures like asking if you’d like to hold an owl, or taking care of your belongings first, show his thoughtfulness and consideration. The boyfriend experience is truly remarkable, especially in a culture where “Ladies First” is not the norm.

As the date comes to a close, you both head back to the train station, holding hands. It’s time to bid farewell, but before parting ways, your boyfriend hands you a cute envelope with the change from the expenses. Opening it later, you find a receipt for the day’s expenditures – a display of his meticulousness.

The Cost and Target Audience

Renting a boyfriend comes at a price, with an hourly rate, transportation fees, and other expenses. A typical rate may be around 6,000 yen per hour, plus additional costs such as transportation and activities. Although it can become expensive, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience that many find worth the price.

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The target audience for the Rental Boyfriend service is primarily women, ranging from housewives to young professionals. According to a Japanese TV show, approximately 40% of customers are housewives, with a notable percentage becoming repeat customers. Women of all ages, from their 20s to their 50s, seek out this service for various reasons, whether to enjoy an amazing date, overcome heartbreak, or simply have someone to talk to.

Goals of Rental Boyfriend

The goal of Rental Boyfriend services is to provide comfort, relaxation, and memorable moments. It caters to individuals who may struggle with social interactions or desire an exceptional date experience. Whether you’re stressed at work or want a break from the daily grind, the rental boyfriend can offer companionship and a sense of being cared for.

Renting Again

What’s even better is that if you wish to have another date with the same boyfriend, you can directly contact him without involving the agency. This adds a sense of authenticity and further strengthens the illusion that he is your actual boyfriend.

Beyond Boyfriends: A Variety of Rental Services

Renting a boyfriend is just one of the many rental services available in Japan. You can also find options such as renting a girlfriend, renting middle-aged men, or even renting someone solely for cuddling or wiping away tears. While some services may require Japanese language proficiency, others, like cuddling or wiping away tears, can be enjoyed without a language barrier. It’s important to note that most rental talent services do not involve any form of sexual activity.

Is It Worth It?

Expensive as it may be, Rental Boyfriend offers a unique, platonic experience focused on women’s comfort. In a society where many young people are losing interest in relationships due to work-related stress, this service provides relaxation and affection. While it may seem pointless to some, experiencing a perfect date with a handsome gentleman, complete with manners and a good sense of humor, is worth every penny.

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This extraordinary trend has been growing in Japan due to the high demand for such services. For those curious about this experience but unfamiliar with the Japanese language, double dates are also welcomed. You can invite a friend who can assist with communication, making it an enjoyable experience for all.

In conclusion, Rental Boyfriend is an experience that everyone should try at least once. It’s an opportunity to feel special, be treated like a princess, and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, it is crucial to research the agency thoroughly before providing your information to ensure a safe and reliable experience. Good luck on your exciting Rental Boyfriend adventure!

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