Rent A Boyfriend: A Controversial Solution for Depression

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Depression is a serious issue that should never be taken lightly. However, a new app called Rent-A-Boyfriend (RABF) claims to have found a unique solution to cure depression. Before we dive into this bizarre concept, let’s explore the reasons behind this approach.

An Unconventional Cure?

According to the 29-year-old entrepreneur, Kaushal Prakash, the root cause of depression is supposedly a shortage of hunky boyfriends. Yes, you heard that right. RABF aims to provide an hour of companionship with good-looking men as a way to combat depression.

Features of the App

Upon opening the app, you’ll be prompted to register either as a boyfriend or a member. Once logged in, you can browse through profiles of celebrities, models, and regular guys. Choose one that catches your eye and set up a meeting. Payment is required, but remember, the service strictly prohibits private encounters or sexual relations.

The Process of Hiring Boyfriends

RABF conducts auditions to select the perfect candidates. Once chosen, these men undergo grooming sessions to refine their communication skills. They learn how to identify signs of depression and provide appropriate advice. All personal information is kept confidential, ensuring privacy and security.

Availability and Pricing

Currently, RABF is only available in Mumbai and Pune. The cost of hiring a model ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs. 3000 for an hour, while for regular guys, it is below Rs.1000. Unfortunately, full-day packages are not offered at the moment. Each model receives 70% of the payment, with the remaining portion going to the company.

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The Reality of the App

Despite the intriguing concept and catchy marketing, RABF has faced criticism from the public. The app’s initial launch was marred by technical glitches, spelling errors, and negative reviews on Google Play. Many users have labeled it as useless or even fake.

A Flawed Solution

As enticing as it may sound to have a handsome stranger listen to your problems, the reality is that renting a boyfriend will not cure depression. Opening up about mental health to a complete stranger is not something most people feel comfortable doing. Moreover, relying on a platonic relationship for mental well-being overlooks the importance of professional help.

The True Motive Behind RABF

The founder’s response when asked why women shouldn’t seek help from a psychologist is concerning. He claimed that societal judgment and stigma were the reasons behind the creation of RABF, suggesting that treating a disease incorrectly to avoid gossip is acceptable. This underlying motive raises questions about the app’s intentions.

Media Backlash and Concerns

Unsurprisingly, the media has criticized RABF for exploiting psychological issues and potentially compromising women’s safety. While the app claims to conduct background checks, concerns about security and the potential for stalking remain valid.

A Cautionary Conclusion

While the idea of renting a boyfriend might seem fun, it comes with inherent risks. In a world where crimes against women are prevalent, using this app could potentially create dangerous situations. It is important to remember that a legitimate solution for depression should involve qualified professionals and appropriate support systems.

Rent A Boyfriend may have sparked intrigue, but it falls short in providing a genuine and effective remedy for depression. It is crucial to seek help from licensed professionals and rely on trusted support networks when dealing with mental health concerns.

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