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When two people come together in a relationship, there is often an underlying expectation that everything will remain the same as it was during those exciting first dates. We cling to the belief that our partner’s curiosity, generosity, adaptability, and interest will endure, or even increase, throughout the course of the relationship. However, this fairy tale notion can lead to disappointment when reality sets in. The truth is, relationships are inherently challenging and require continuous effort to thrive.

Having been together for 25 years, my partner and I have experienced our fair share of ups and downs. Our journey has taught us that these low points are not only common but also opportunities for growth and strengthening intimacy. Seeking help in therapy, we have gained valuable insights that we now use as relationship therapists ourselves. Let’s explore some of the strategies we’ve discovered to navigate the difficult times and emerge stronger together.

Treating Your Partner as a Stranger

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming we know everything about our partner. We rely on a mental image of who they are, failing to recognize their ever-changing nature. To keep the relationship fresh and vibrant, it’s crucial to cultivate curiosity. Treat your partner as someone you are just getting to know. Ask them about their hopes, dreams, and what truly matters to them. Remember, both you and your partner are constantly evolving, and embracing this fact allows room for growth and excitement.

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Letting Go of “The One” Ideal

Many of us enter relationships with the notion that our partner is “The One” we are destined to be with. However, holding onto this belief can be detrimental during challenging times. It’s essential to view the relationship as a journey of growth and mutual discovery. Instead of expecting your partner to be perfect, focus on cherishing them for who they are. Through shared experiences and history, you can create a strong bond that makes your partner truly special.

Reprioritizing Self-Care

In many relationships, the needs of children often take precedence over the needs of the couple. However, to create a secure environment for your children, it’s crucial to prioritize your relationship. Each adult must take care of themselves first, followed by the needs of the couple, and then the children. By elevating the role of self-care, you ensure that both individuals are fulfilled, allowing the relationship to flourish and the children to feel secure.

The Power of Communication

Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. While it’s important to express your concerns and difficulties, it’s equally vital to maintain a healthy balance. Limit excessive complaining to three times a day, and use these opportunities wisely to address the issues that are impacting your relationship. Additionally, consider going for walks together as a means of fostering emotional and physical connection.

Embracing the Full Spectrum of Feelings

Feeling occasional frustration or even hatred towards certain aspects of your partner is entirely normal. Repressing these negative emotions can lead to resentment and emotional detachment. Instead, acknowledge and openly discuss these feelings with your partner in a safe and trusting environment. Recognize that love and hate are intertwined, and by accepting the full spectrum of emotions, you can create a deeper sense of intimacy.

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Keeping the Spark Alive in the Bedroom

Novelty is key to keeping the flame burning in any romantic relationship. Explore new ways to be intimate with your partner, whether it’s trying out a different room in your house, adjusting the ambiance, or exploring new erogenous zones. By stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks together, you can expand your sexual repertoire and deepen your connection.

Play, Dance, and Laugh Together

Laughter has a unique ability to bring people closer together. Take time to play, dance, and laugh with your partner. Embrace your playful side and find activities that bring joy and humor into your relationship. By creating a safe and lighthearted environment, you strengthen your bond and provide a safe haven from life’s burdens.

Nurturing the Space Between You

The dynamic between you and your partner is ever-evolving and requires constant nurturing. Take stock of the atmosphere between you and consider how you can tend to this space that you both create. Prioritize acts of love and kindness that support the growth of your relationship. By taking responsibility for fostering a loving connection, you ensure that your relationship thrives.

Focusing on the Positive

No relationship is perfect, and it’s futile to seek absolute perfection in your partner. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. Practice selective memory loss regarding the small irritations or disappointments, and instead, cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards your partner’s positive qualities. By fostering generosity and appreciating each other’s strengths, you lay the foundation for a loving and lasting bond.

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Embracing Individuality

Maintaining a sense of individuality within a relationship is crucial. Cultivate friendships and interests outside of your partnership. By spending time apart, you allow yourself to grow as independent individuals, bringing a sense of freshness and uniqueness back into the relationship. Embrace the differences between you and celebrate the diverse perspectives and interests that each of you brings.

Remember, successful relationships require continuous effort and adaptation. While there will inevitably be ups and downs along the way, by implementing these strategies, you and your partner can navigate the challenges together, grow as individuals, and build a deep and lasting connection.

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