The True Purpose of Relationships: Finding More in Life

What is the real purpose of a relationship? It goes beyond the simplistic answers we often give or hear – the desire for companionship, starting a family, or the societal expectation that life is meant to be shared with someone else. While these are valid reasons, let’s explore a fresh perspective that can provide valuable insights, particularly for those who have experienced heartbreak and are hesitant to try again, or for anyone in a relationship concerned about monotony or losing their independence.

Relationships: A Source of Excitement and Adventure

Contrary to common belief, the purpose of a relationship is to make life MORE exciting. This shifts our usual perception of relationships as something we pursue when it’s time to “settle down.” Have you ever found yourself saying, “I’ve had my fun, now I just want to find someone and settle down?” This notion of “settling down” misrepresents the true essence of a relationship.

In reality, a relationship is about having MORE – more adventure, excitement, trial and error, late nights, spontaneous travel, and saying YES to new experiences. It’s about finding someone who brings MORE into your life emotionally, physically, and in every aspect – whether it’s music, art, culture, or simply exploring the world together.

The Antithesis of “Settling Down”

Instead of settling down, a relationship empowers you to thrive and embrace MORE. With the right person by your side, you have a “ride or die” partner, someone who supports you unconditionally. They motivate you, pick you up when you stumble, and provide a safety net of unwavering support.

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The true purpose of a relationship transcends the superficial benefits of companionship or the potential for starting a family. It ignites a spark within you, propelling you to reach your full potential.

  • You have someone who celebrates your ridiculous dance moves at a wedding without judgment.
  • You have someone who stays up late with you, sharing intimate conversations or pursuing shared interests.
  • You have someone who embarks on spontaneous adventures and books last-minute flights, embracing life’s unpredictability.
  • You have someone who listens and understands without throwing your feelings back at you or passing judgment.

Having a ride or die partner means having MORE – more experiences, more growth, and more profound connections.

Creating a Life of More

Together, you become an exciting, fun couple unafraid of judgment because you have each other. The purpose of a relationship is to enrich your life. Viewing your partner through the lens of “more” serves as a litmus test for the health of your relationship.

If you feel like you’re settling down – doing less, feeling less, and experiencing less – it may be time to reevaluate. Ask yourself, “Is this relationship giving me more life or less life?” It’s essential to prioritize the enriching aspects of a partnership.

For those who are single, adopt this perspective to keep your heart open and be willing to try again. The potential reward is extraordinary – MORE life.

No matter your age, don’t succumb to the pressure of time. When you find your person, it’s like an upgraded version of yourself. The right person revitalizes you, infusing your life with renewed energy and purpose. Together, you possess a sense of wholeness, centeredness, and invigorating support that opens up a world of possibilities.

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Remember, the purpose of your union is MORE. It’s not about settling down or ticking boxes. It’s about discovering what you can gain from it – which is an abundance of MORE.