Connect with Inmates: A Unique Approach to Dating

Living a life behind bars is often misunderstood. TV shows and movies depict it as a monotonous routine, but the reality is far more complex. Prisoners are human beings who have made mistakes and regret their actions. They are mothers, fathers, artists, and intellectuals who long for connection and companionship in their isolated world.

While prisoners receive occasional letters from loved ones, many are abandoned by their families, leaving them lonely and craving human interaction. This is where pen pal relationships can make a significant impact. By sending a letter or connecting through one of the best prison dating websites, you can brighten a prisoner’s day and provide a glimmer of hope in their confined existence.

Finding Connection Behind Bars: 13 Best Prison Dating Sites

If you’re interested in forming a meaningful connection with an inmate, here are some of the top prison dating websites to consider:


As one of the largest prison pen pal sites available, Meet-an-Inmate offers a platform for inmates to communicate with the outside world. While it’s not strictly a “dating” site, you have the freedom to pursue any type of connection you desire. Browse through inmate profiles and engage in meaningful conversations.


Similar to Meet-an-Inmate, LoveAPrisoner allows you to connect with prisoners and start a pen pal relationship. With more specific search filters, you can narrow down your options and find someone who resonates with you.

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Write a Prisoner

Choose between email or traditional mail to connect with your prisoner pen pal on Write a Prisoner. This interactive site also features poetry, artwork, and VIP members, enhancing your communication experience.

Inmate Classified

Advocating for compassion and understanding, Inmate Classified provides inmate profiles in search of pen pals. By offering support and human connection, this site aims to alleviate the isolation that prisoners often face.

Prison Inmates

With over 1,000 inmate profiles, Prison Inmates offers an extensive user base for you to connect with. This mobile-friendly site is frequently updated and even allows you to create a prisoner profile for your loved one.

Inmate Mingle

While Inmate Mingle may not have the most polished interface, it is a dedicated prisoner dating website. Browse through single inmates and initiate contact through letters or emails.

Dating Prisoners

With the ability to narrow down your search to your specific location, Dating Prisoners ensures that you find inmates closer to home. This website offers a dating-focused experience rather than just pen pal connections.

Friends Beyond the Wall

At Friends Beyond the Wall, you have the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of prisoners. Whether you’re seeking friendship or a potential soulmate, this site provides options to suit your preferences.

Women Behind Bars

Catering exclusively to female inmates, Women Behind Bars offers a platform for incarcerated women to connect with the outside world. Find companionship and establish meaningful relationships with women who have been longing for connection.

Inmate Passions

Designed for formerly or currently incarcerated individuals, Inmate Passions provides a platform for like-minded people to connect. While primarily focused on inmate interactions, external individuals are also welcome to join.

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Jail Babes

Similar to Women Behind Bars, Jail Babes exclusively features women. Browse through the profiles of women who have either been incarcerated or are currently in jail, and start building connections.


Believe it or not, Match allows you to connect with current or former inmates. With customizable search options, you can narrow down your results to find individuals who match your preferences.


While not exclusively a dating website, Facebook can be a platform to connect with prisoners. Many inmates use Facebook to interact with people on the outside, allowing for connections based on location, schools, and shared interests.

Writing to Inmates: The Power of Connection

You may wonder why you should write to someone you may never meet in person. The answer is simple: inmates are real people with emotions and thoughts. By offering them a connection to the outside world, you provide a sense of normalcy and potentially make a lifelong friend.

When crafting your letter or message, keep it simple and genuine. Introduce yourself, share your interests, and explain why you decided to reach out. Establishing common ground and shared interests will facilitate natural conversations and help both parties forget the confines of prison, even if just for a moment.

Warnings and Benefits of Inmate Dating

While dating inmates can be rewarding, precautions must be taken. Remember that prisoners have experienced or witnessed traumatic events, and some may be perpetrators or victims. Avoid delving into sensitive topics or attempting to justify their actions. Keep conversations light and normal for the safety and well-being of both parties.

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Despite potential risks, the benefits of connecting with inmates can be significant. Not only will you have a companion and someone to talk to, but you’ll also provide much-needed support and alleviate their loneliness. Your willingness to engage with and understand prisoners can make a positive impact on their lives.

It’s essential to be cautious when interacting with inmates to avoid scams. Some people may have ulterior motives, such as seeking monetary or material gain. If someone asks for money or gifts early on, it’s best to cut off contact. Avoid sharing personal information and consider using a PO box for communication.

Remember, you are responsible for your decisions. While others may judge your choice to form a relationship with an inmate, it’s ultimately up to you to determine what brings fulfillment and happiness into your life.

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