Pranks to Spice Up Your Relationship

Are you looking for some mischief to add excitement to your relationship? Pranks can be a fun way to keep the spark alive and create lasting memories with your partner. So, get ready to unleash your mischievous side and indulge in these entertaining pranks that are sure to bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face.

Pranks that Bring Laughter In-Person

Tempting Teasing

Inject some playful teasing into your relationship by sending your boyfriend naughty text messages. Send him a suggestive message, building up the anticipation. When he’s all fired up, ask him if he’d like to see some sexy nude pictures. If he agrees, surprise him by sending pictures of “nude” lipstick shades. Watch his baffled expression as he realizes the playful twist. It’s a hilarious way to prank your boyfriend over text without getting too risqué.

Boxers Gone Wrong

Looking for a comical prank to play on your boyfriend in person? Sew the leg holes of his boxers shut, but remember to avoid his favorite pair. When he wakes up in the morning and tries to put on his underwear, watch him struggle in confusion. This harmless prank will surely give both of you a good laugh, just make sure it doesn’t turn into a major disagreement.

Squishy Shoe Surprise

Take your boyfriend by surprise by filling one of his shoes with something squishy, like shaving foam or shower gel. Make sure it’s nothing that will harm his feet. When he slips his foot into the shoe, his reaction will be priceless. However, use an old and cheap pair of shoes that he doesn’t particularly care for. This prank is all about harmless fun and laughter.

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Hilarious Pranks for Text-Only Fun

Imaginary In-Laws

Text your boyfriend that his parents called you to discuss marriage. Leave him puzzled and wondering why they approached you without his knowledge. Play along with the confusion by evading his calls. This harmless prank will make him nervous, especially if he hasn’t informed his parents about your relationship. Be cautious not to push it too far and cause any unnecessary problems.

Mysterious Texts

Create a stir by sending your boyfriend texts from an unknown number, pretending to be your mother. Ask him uncomfortable questions about his future plans with her daughter and put him on the spot. Keep up the curiosity and keep him guessing. When he finally realizes it’s all a prank, share a laugh together.

Fashion Chameleon

If you love experimenting with your outfits, here’s a cute prank for you. Change your attire every 30 minutes and act completely normal. Keep doing this until your boyfriend starts to notice. The more outlandish your outfits, the better. This prank is a lighthearted way to grab his attention and have some fun together.

Playful Food Pranks

Coke Switcheroo

Quench your boyfriend’s thirst with a refreshing glass of “Coke” after a long day. Replace the cola with 7-Up or Sprite and add a dash of soy sauce to make it look authentic. Watch his reaction as he takes a sip and realizes the unexpected twist. It’s a delightful way to prank him and tickle his taste buds.

Sneaky Doughnut

April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to surprise your boyfriend with a doughnut filled with mayonnaise. Grab a filled doughnut from the store and replace the filling with this unexpected twist. Be ready for his look of disgust when he takes a bite. Just make sure there are no actual dents on his car, or you might be blamed for it.

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Chocolate Surprise

Add some sweet deception to your relationship. Coat a hard-boiled egg with chocolate and wrap it in a Kinder Joy wrapper. Your boyfriend will unknowingly bite into the “chocolate” egg, only to be surprised by the runny egg gooeyness. Keep his favorite chocolate nearby to balance out the situation and share a laugh together.

The “Serious Discussion” Prank

Build up some drama by telling your boyfriend that you need his advice on a serious matter. Convince him that his guidance is crucial for this life-changing decision and keep him intrigued. When he’s fully invested, hit him with a playful twist. Ask him which lipstick shade you should wear or which heels would be perfect for an upcoming party. This prank will leave him smiling and amused.

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If you’re looking for even more prank ideas, check out this hilarious video compilation of pranks and get ready to take your mischief to the next level: Six Minute Dates

Remember, the key to a successful prank is to keep it lighthearted, harmless, and enjoyable for both of you. So, go ahead, embrace your mischievous side, and have a great time making unforgettable memories with your boyfriend!