Pickable: A Revolutionary Dating App for Women


In the world of online dating, women often face unique challenges and concerns. From the fear of harassment to the worry of their personal information being exposed, it’s no wonder many women are hesitant to put themselves out there. That’s where Pickable comes in. This innovative dating app aims to empower women by providing them with a safe and anonymous platform to find their perfect match.

Anonymity for Women, Convenience for Men

Pickable takes a refreshing approach to online dating by prioritizing the anonymity of women’s profiles. Unlike other apps, women using Pickable don’t need to reveal their identity, share personal information, or even upload photos. This offers them a peace of mind that is often lacking in the online dating sphere. But what’s in it for men?

For men who enjoy the traditional dating app experience of browsing through profiles, the appeal might be limited. However, if you’re tired of investing countless hours into searching for matches, Pickable offers a convenient alternative. With Pickable, men can sit back and relax while potential matches come to them.

A Unique Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process on Pickable is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Women have the freedom to skip the traditional profile creation process entirely. They don’t need to provide any personal details or even upload a photo. It’s a complete departure from the usual requirements of online dating. On the other hand, men have a slightly different experience. They must create a profile, upload a single photo, and enable location settings on their phone. To be visible to women, men need to actively set themselves as “pickable.” This ensures that women searching for potential matches can find them. However, this visibility is only for a limited time, adding an exciting sense of urgency.

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Letting Women Take the Lead

Pickable brings a fresh perspective to the world of online dating. Instead of men having to put in the effort of browsing through profiles and initiating conversations, women have the opportunity to make the first move. The app uses geolocation to provide matches within proximity, and if a woman shows interest, the man receives a chat request. While this approach may seem unfamiliar to some, it can be liberating for men and allows them to embrace the element of surprise and spontaneity. However, it does remove the playful aspect of crafting witty one-liners based on a profile, which some may miss.

Key Features and Safety Measures

Pickable offers several key features designed to enhance the overall dating experience. Firstly, women’s profiles remain entirely anonymous, ensuring their safety and privacy. Secondly, men can enjoy a more relaxed approach to dating as they sit back and let the women take the lead. Additionally, the app emphasizes physical proximity, encouraging in-person meetups and fostering real connections. Pickable’s commitment to safety and security is evident in its efforts to protect its female users. With this app, women can rest assured that their personal information is shared only with those they choose to connect with.


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While Pickable may not be the main dating app for everyone, it offers a unique and empowering experience for women. By prioritizing anonymity and safety, Pickable aims to revolutionize the online dating landscape. So, if you’re a woman looking for a refreshing change in the online dating world, or a man seeking a more laid-back approach, give Pickable a try. Visit Six Minute Dates to learn more about this exciting app.

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