Creative Dating App Openers: Unleash Your Charm!

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at your phone screen, struggling to come up with the perfect opening line on a dating app? It happens to the best of us. With all those abs and bikini selfies flooding your screen, you may even forget how to spell a simple “hello.” But fret not, for I have gathered an array of interesting dating app openers that will surely capture your match’s attention. So, get ready to copy, paste, and impress!

Key Takeaways

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1. “What’s the most memorable opening line you’ve received?”

Sometimes, learning what not to say can be just as useful as knowing what to say. Who knows, they might even reply with “this one.”

2. “Cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian?”

Each of these answers holds a unique identity, but we all know pineapple is the real winner here.

3. “I like a man/woman in something they are wearing in their picture

Admit it, we’ve all pretended to love something just to impress someone. Bonus points if it’s an item of clothing you secretly dislike!

4. “What’s the most incredible place you’ve ever traveled to?”

This opener invites them to share their travel adventures, opening up opportunities for exciting conversations and shared experiences.

5. “Why did you swipe right?”

Sometimes, it’s just nice to receive an ego boost and know that someone finds you intriguing.

6. “Choose a GIF that best describes you and explain why.”

Breaking the ice with a GIF exchange can be a fun and lighthearted way to get to know each other.

Dating App Openers

7. “What’s your star sign?”

Astrology enthusiasts will appreciate this question, and who knows, it might reveal some compatibility.

8. “Hello!”

Sometimes simplicity is key, especially when you’re at a loss for words.

9. “You have 48 hours left on Earth. How would you spend your time?”

This intriguing question will spark their imagination and reveal what truly matters to them.

10. “Hey xx”

This one is for those who prefer a more casual and laid-back approach. Perfect for the easy-going crowd.

11. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Just kidding! Let’s keep the cheesy pickup lines to a minimum, shall we?

15. “Let’s settle the debate: toilet paper – over the top or under the roll?”

Sometimes, it’s the little things that reveal compatibility. Let’s hope they don’t say “clapping when the plane lands.”

16. “When can I take you out?”

Straight to the point, no beating around the bush. Who has time for endless small talk?

17. “(lemon emoji) Sorry, I couldn’t find an opening lime.”

It’s a playful and light-hearted opener that might just make them crack a smile.

18. “I’m free on Friday at 7 pm, works for you?”

No need to waste time with awkward small talk. Show them that you’re direct and decisive.

19. “Honestly, I was really hoping you’d swipe right.”

Let them know that you intentionally swiped right and not just out of sheer luck or a numbers game. You’ve got your eye on them.

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20. The ‘whale hello there’ GIF

A classic, playful GIF that’s sure to make them chuckle. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

21. “I don’t flirt, but I will seduce you with my awkwardness. Is it working yet?”

Self-deprecating humor never fails to charm. Embrace your quirks and let them know you’re a person worth getting to know.

22. “I bet my dog would adore you.”

Imply that they’re a kind-hearted person and, more importantly, let them know that you have an adorable furry friend.

23. “If your life was turned into a movie, which actor would play you?”

Discover their favorite actors and get some insight into their cinematic tastes. It’s a sneaky way to recommend some Netflix and chill options.

24. “What’s the nerdiest thing you’re willing to admit?”

This question invites them to share their geeky side and reveals a lot about their interests. Just remember, Love Island fan fiction might be a bit too much.

25. “I don’t know who would be more excited about us dating, me or my mom.”

Dating App Openers

We all know the type, the Mummy’s boys or girls. Love them or hate them, they are the dating app version of Marmite.

26. “Describe yourself in three emojis.”

Emojis can speak volumes when it comes to expressing your personality. See what combination they come up with and let the conversation flow from there.

27. “I’m still single, in case you’re wondering. Are you?”

A playful opener for when you’ve taken a bit too long to reply. Keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

28. “I had a great opening line, but your beauty made me forget it.”

A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? Let them know they’re stunning and make them curious about that forgotten line.

29. “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple.”

Who doesn’t love a good fruit-related compliment? It’s a sweet and summery opener.

30. “Your parents won’t like me. I can already tell.”

Embrace your bad boy or bad girl persona with this bold statement. Nine words that ooze confidence and intrigue.

31. “Feel like lowering your standards and going on a date with me?”

This opener showcases your humble side, even if deep down, you know you’re a real catch.

32. “Two truths and a lie – go!”

Everyone loves a good bragging session. But let’s be honest, no one has ever said, “I’ve cheated on all my exes” during this game.

33. “Does this mean we’re married now?”

A cheeky remark that hints at a future together. Who knows, maybe their answer will surprise you.

34. “You’re not one of those people who claps when the plane lands, are you?”

Let’s be real, those clappers should be banned. Find out if your match shares your disdain for this airplane phenomenon.

35. “What’s the most embarrassing thing I’ll find if I Google you?”

A playful question that gives you a perfect excuse to do a little social media stalking without coming across as creepy.

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36. “What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?”

Follow this question with an offer to take them out for said drink. It shows your interest and lets you plan the perfect date spot.

37. “Do you have a dog?”

Clear communication is essential, and if they have a dog, it’s all the more reason to get to know them better.

38. “So when our grandchildren ask us how we met, what are we going to tell them?”

A playful nod to the digital age of dating. Who knows, maybe in the future, everyone will be saying, “We met on Tinder or Bumble.”

39. “I only have four percent battery remaining, and I chose to message you. Did I choose wisely?”

Make them feel special with this playful comment. After all, selecting them over charging your phone is quite an honor.

Six Minute Dates

40. “Will you be my student debt? Because I’d like to have you around for the rest of my life.”

A clever way to bring up the topic of commitment while injecting a bit of humor. Just be prepared to discuss your shared financial burdens.

41. “I’ll cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast.”

A subtle invitation for that first date. It’s a romantic way to suggest spending more time together.

42. “I’m doing a survey: What’s your name, what’s your number, and are you free this weekend?”

While this opener is straight to the point, maybe leave out the fact that you’ve sent it to multiple other people in the past few minutes.

43. “Wanna go to Greggs?”

Bonding over a shared love for a sausage roll is a great way to start a conversation. Greggs enthusiasts will appreciate this opener.

44. “If you were a Greggs bake, which one would you be?”

Get to know their preferences and see if they align with your own. After all, finding the perfect Greggs bake is truly a valuable trait.

45. “What’s your go-to meal deal?”

Discovering their favorite meal deal is vital for future lunch dates. You don’t want any meal deal incompatibility issues, after all.

46. “Sainsbury’s, Tesco, or Boots – who has the best meal deal?”

This crucial question might just determine the longevity of your relationship. We all know meal deals are a significant factor to consider.


There you have it: a collection of creative dating app openers to kick-start your conversations and leave a lasting impression. Remember, while these lines can serve as great icebreakers, genuine connection comes from being yourself. So go forth, be confident, and let the sparks fly!

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