Lumen Dating App: Revolutionizing Mature Dating

Are you tired of what mature dating is generally associated with – drab and uninspiring? Lumen, the world’s first app-only dating site for singles aged 50 and over, aims to change this perception. With Lumen, older singles can now explore a fun and exciting platform to find someone special.

Connecting Through Interests

Lumen focuses on what truly matters to you – shared interests. By emphasizing detailed profiles and fostering quality conversations, this dating app sets itself apart from the rest. With its similarities to Tinder but with enhanced safety features and a targeted demographic, Lumen promises a unique and engaging experience.

The Lumen Member Structure

With over 1.3 million users worldwide, Lumen boasts an impressive member base. The app attracts 250,000 users from the UK, 700,000 from the US, 50,000 from Canada, and 75,000 from Australia. The average age of Lumen users is 56, with the oldest member being a vibrant 97! The gender ratio typically varies between 48:52 and 52:48, ensuring a balanced community.

Lumen prides itself on catering specifically to individuals in their 50s and above, making it a haven for those who are more tech-savvy than users of traditional desktop dating sites.

Unveiling the Lumen Experience

The Lumen dating app offers a free and user-friendly platform to kickstart your dating journey. Registering is a breeze, and you can dive into viewing profiles and sending messages without any charge.

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Lumen encourages meaningful conversations rather than generic copy-pasting messages. To facilitate this, the app imposes character limits and messaging restrictions, promoting thoughtful communication and genuine connections.

A Seamless Signup Process

When signing up for Lumen, you can either link your Facebook account for easy syncing of your details or use your phone number. While Facebook integration automatically imports your information, registering with your phone number requires you to manually input your details.

To maintain the authenticity of profiles, Lumen insists on a profile photo, which is cross-checked against a selfie you must take during signup. This ensures that every profile is genuine, fostering a secure and trustworthy environment.

User-Friendly Interface

Lumen boasts a sleek and intuitive interface that you’ll find a joy to use. With its clean design and easy navigation, the app ensures a seamless user experience. Although the primarily white background may seem understated, it works exceptionally well for the app’s target demographic, ensuring clarity and simplicity.

Engaging Chats and Messages

Lumen understands the importance of quality conversations. The app allows free messaging, but it limits users to six new conversations daily. By discouraging cut-and-paste techniques, Lumen encourages users to make every conversation count. Members have a seven-day window to respond to messages, ensuring active engagement. To break the ice, Lumen also provides an icebreaker feature that prompts users to send eye-catching messages of at least 50 characters.

High-Quality Profiles

Every profile on Lumen is accompanied by a photo, with profiles not being allowed without one. This strict policy ensures accurate representation and minimizes the presence of fake profiles. Furthermore, each profile features an “About Me” and “I’m looking for…” section, providing valuable details for a better understanding of potential matches.

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A Mobile-Optimized Experience

As an app-only platform, Lumen prioritizes optimizing the user experience for mobile devices. Available for download on both Android and iOS, the app ensures that you can connect and communicate seamlessly on the go.

Testimonials from Lumen Users

“I downloaded this app in September 2018, and by mid-November, I went on a date with someone I couldn’t stop thinking about. After six months, my boyfriend is the most fantastic person I know, thanks to LDO. I know many people don’t like that you only get a certain number of matches, but I liked it. The quality over quantity thing is perfect. I also really like the filters because why waste your time going out on dates and questioning someone’s political agenda beforehand? Anyways! Thank you again!”Six Minute Dates

“Lumen Dating was a godsend; I signed up on a whim. I was overwhelmed by the number of messages I was receiving, but I carefully took my time to look through them nonetheless. I was becoming discouraged and decided maybe this was a mistake. I was just about to delete my account when a conversation with a stranger caught my attention. He was so pleasant, funny, engaging, and enjoyable. We took our conversation offline and met up.”

Standout Features of Lumen

Lumen offers several key features to enhance your dating experience:

  • Favorites: You can add profiles you like to your favorites list for easy reference.
  • Icebreakers: These conversation starters, requiring a minimum of 50 characters, provide a quick and engaging way to initiate contact.

Safety First

Lumen prioritizes user safety and provides measures to ensure a secure environment. Members can block and report any suspicious or disruptive users. The platform maintains a strict no-nudity policy, actively discouraging inappropriate behavior. With its stringent security measures during signup, Lumen efficiently filters out fake profiles, offering a safe space for mature daters.

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Exploring Lumen Premium

While many features on Lumen are already available for free, Lumen Premium offers additional perks, such as:

  • 12 new conversations daily instead of 6.
  • The ability to extend conversations by 24 hours, allowing your connection more time to respond.
  • Insight into who has shown interest in your profile.
  • Access to advanced filters for more refined matches.
  • The power of unlimited rewind, enabling you to revisit any profile you may have skipped in the past (basic users can see only 10).

The pricing details for Lumen Premium are available upon signup, and as the app is free to use, there are no known fees or additional costs.

Discounts and Free Trials

Currently, Lumen does not offer any discounts. However, it’s always worth checking third-party discount sites for potential offers. Lumen does not provide free trials as most of its features are available for free.

Our Recommendation

Lumen presents an exciting dating option for individuals over 50 who prefer embracing modern technology to meet new people. While it may not be suitable for those unfamiliar with app-based dating or those who prefer browsing on a PC, Lumen offers a fresh and engaging approach to meaningful connections. The app’s emphasis on thoughtful messaging may not align with those seeking to message a larger pool of individuals more frequently. Overall, we rate Lumen 3.5/5.

Join Lumen Today

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