Is Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras Tour Package Worth the Splurge?

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Raise your hand if you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. Ticketmaster’s virtual queue was chaotic, and even after navigating through it, the stress of securing a ticket was overwhelming. With tickets being snatched up quickly, you might have settled for whatever was available at the time. But if you ended up with a VIP ticket, you may be wondering if Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras tour package is truly worth it. Let’s delve into the details.

The Value of Taylor Swift VIP Tickets for the Eras Tour

VIP packages are not new for Taylor Swift’s tours. Many artists offer VIP packages that include a meet and greet, merchandise, and prime seats. However, Swift is known for not offering paid meet and greets. This leads us to question what justifies the hundreds of dollars these VIP packages cost.

When I received a VIP package for Swift’s Reputation tour as a gift, my sister doubted its worthiness. Now, as Eras tour VIP packages start arriving in mailboxes, Swifties are divided on whether they are worth the price. Some may lean towards dropping them and feeling remorseful, while others, like Jordan Walker (@fairytaleswift), who attended one of the Glendale Eras Tour shows, insist they are “so worth it.”

How Much Do Taylor Swift VIP Tickets for the Eras Tour Cost?

Before determining if Taylor Swift VIP tickets are worth the investment, it’s essential to consider your budget. VIP packages for the Eras Tour range from $199 to $899, according to Variety. Let’s break down the price of each Eras Tour VIP tier:

  • “It’s A Love Story Package” — $199
  • “…ready for it Package” — $449
  • “I Remember It All Too Well Package” — $559
  • “Karma Is My Boyfriend Package” — $749
  • “It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package” — $899
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Comparatively, these prices are reasonable, considering that VIP packages for the Reputation tour ranged from $495 to $895. Even my sister and I had the $495 tickets, known as the “Kingdom Keys Package.” Walker opted for the second-highest tier, the “Karma Is My Boyfriend Package,” for both herself and her mom.

Seating and Merchandise for Taylor Swift VIP Packages

Every Eras Tour VIP package includes the same merchandise, regardless of the tier you choose. Let’s compare the merchandise I received for the Reputation tour with what’s included in the Eras Tour VIP package. For Reputation, I received:

  • A seat in the lower bowl section of the stadium
  • A collectible box with an exclusive video message from Swift
  • A Reputation book with exclusive photos and poetry from Swift
  • An LED VIP tour laminate
  • A commemorative ticket with a display case
  • A reputation stadium tour patch
  • A copy of the Reputation CD

Now, let’s see what the Eras Tour VIP merch includes:

  • A reserved seat
  • A special edition set of four Swift prints, with each set designed specifically for your show and city
  • A commemorative Eras Tour VIP tote bag
  • A collectible Taylor Swift pin
  • A collectible Taylor Swift sticker
  • A collectible Taylor Swift postcard set
  • A souvenir concert ticket
  • An LED VIP tour laminate

The merchandise in both tours is quite similar. The only difference between the five Eras Tour tiers is the location of your seat. The two most expensive packages, the “Karma Is My Boyfriend Package” and the “It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package,” offer additional perks. According to Walker, these perks include separate merch stands, early entrance, and access to seats before non-VIP ticket holders. While the VIP merch booths were intended to be less crowded, Walker mentioned that the lines were still quite long, requiring her to wait around 40 minutes. However, another VIP attendee, Izzy Mendoza (@izzy618), who had floor seats, only had to wait for about 20-30 minutes. So, if saving time before the show is crucial to you, the extra price may be worth it.

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I, however, prioritize the seats over the merchandise. As someone who recently discovered a Reputation book at the bottom of my VIP package, I’m clearly more interested in being closer to the action.

The View from Taylor Swift VIP Tickets

One might expect that the Eras Tour VIP package seats would offer an extraordinary view of the show. However, the location of your seat, particularly on the floor, can make a significant difference. If you have floor tickets, you’ll want to avoid standing behind someone taller than you. Additionally, keep in mind that many attendees will be recording videos to share on TikTok, so there will be a sea of raised phones in the air.

Another unexpected challenge is dealing with hats. Many fans will likely dress up for the Eras Tour, treating it as an opportunity to look like they’re attending the Met Gala. While it’s fun to see creative outfits, sitting behind someone wearing a large hat can hinder your view.

Both Walker and Mendoza mentioned not being able to see certain parts of the show from the floor. However, Walker didn’t mind because Swift was often close to their section, and the stadium screens displayed the action when she wasn’t. TikToker @bickybui also pointed out that floor seats don’t provide a view of the cool lighting and effects happening on the stage, which are best seen from above. According to Mendoza, sitting on the first tier of the stadium allows you to catch every detail of the show. The Eras Tour boasts intricate sets that may be missed if you’re unable to see them in person.

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Are Taylor Swift’s VIP Eras Tour Packages Worth It?

Ultimately, spending nearly $1000 for a concert ticket may not be reasonable for everyone. While the idea of collectible merchandise is exciting, some fans have expressed disappointment regarding the Eras Tour VIP merch. However, Walker believes that despite the VIP merch not necessarily justifying the $900 price tag, she loved receiving it. For her, being a VIP was an incredible experience, and she acknowledges that not everyone has the opportunity to be one. Mendoza echoes this sentiment, stating that being a VIP is something every Swiftie should experience at least once.

I agree that being a VIP at one of Swift’s shows should be on every fan’s Taylor Swift bucket list if it’s within their means. However, it’s worth considering that you can still have a fantastic time from more affordable seats. In light of Ticketmaster canceling the public sale of Swift’s Eras tour tickets, simply having a ticket to her show should be celebrated.

Even from my seat in the last row at SoFi Stadium, I know I’ll have a blast singing along to every song and dancing like I’m in the front row. And for those lucky enough to be in the front row with VIP tickets, rest assured that fans like me will be watching and appreciating your concert footage on TikTok after the show.

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