Is Your Relationship Healthy? Take This Quiz to Find Out

If you’re questioning whether your relationship is healthy or if there are signs of control, it’s essential to evaluate the dynamics and address any concerns you may have. This quiz is designed to help you gain insights into your relationship and identify potential red flags. It’s recommended to go through these questions with someone who knows your partner well, as they may provide valuable perspectives you might have missed.

Signs of Control: A Comprehensive Quiz

  1. Has your relationship drastically changed from its initial fantastic phase?
  2. Do you feel like you’re with a different person than the one you fell for?
  3. Does your partner always need to be right?
  4. Can your partner make you feel terrible with a look, tone of voice, or a cutting remark?
  5. Does your partner frequently engage in such behavior?
  6. On the flip side, does your partner also know how to make you feel fantastic?
  7. Have those positive moments become infrequent?
  8. Does your partner frequently break promises?
  9. Are there seemingly justifiable reasons for breaking those promises?
  10. Does your partner make you feel terrible if you don’t keep your word or change your mind?
  11. Is it true that your partner rarely apologizes?
  12. Are you expected to apologize for even the smallest things?
  13. Does your partner have different rules for themselves compared to what they expect from you?
  14. Does your partner frequently change the rules to suit their needs?
  15. Are you obligated to respond to your partner’s messages and texts immediately?
  16. Does your partner respond to your messages and texts at their convenience?
  17. Does your partner insist on knowing all the details about your finances?
  18. Conversely, does your partner keep you in the dark about their own financial matters?
  19. Must you share every detail of your day, including who you were with, where you went, and what was said?
  20. Does your partner provide very little information about their own day?
  21. Are there subjects that are off-limits for discussion with your partner?
  22. Have you caught your partner lying?
  23. Do you suspect that your partner is hiding information from you?
  24. Do you frequently feel inadequate?
  25. Do you believe that if you could change or adapt in a particular way, everything would improve?
  26. Is your partner insecure or manipulative?
  27. Have you noticed a decline in spending time with your friends and family?
  28. Are you required to consult your partner before making decisions or taking action?
  29. Does your partner become upset if they don’t get their way?
  30. Does your partner have few genuine friends of their own?
  31. Have your friends or family expressed concerns about your relationship?
  32. Does your partner contradict themselves, justifying it when confronted?
  33. Does your partner threaten to break up whenever you don’t agree with their desires?
  34. Instead of criticizing specific behaviors, does your partner criticize you personally when upset?
  35. Are you expected to forgive your partner for anything they do, while they hold onto grudges against you?
  36. Are you afraid to end the relationship because you believe you need your partner?
  37. Do you fear your partner?
  38. Does your partner reveal personal details about you to others, while you’re hesitant to do the same?
  39. Does your partner have a quick temper that flares up for no apparent reason?
  40. After an outburst, does your partner act as if nothing happened while you’re left emotionally drained?
  41. Does your partner speak to you with contempt, as if you’re inferior?
  42. Does your partner shout, swear, insult, or name-call during conflicts?
  43. Has anyone suggested that your partner may have narcissistic, psychopathic, or sociopathic traits?
  44. Have your loved ones expressed dislike for your partner, highlighting potential control issues that you brushed off?
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Analyzing the Results

The more “yes” answers you have, the more serious your situation may be. It’s important to remember that this quiz is not a definitive diagnosis but rather a tool to raise awareness about controlling behaviors in relationships. If you’ve answered “yes” to more than ten questions, it might be time to seek support and evaluate the health of your relationship.

For further information on signs of a controlling partner, understanding controlling personalities, or recognizing various types of abusive relationships, you can read more detailed explanations. Additionally, if you’re in an abusive relationship and seeking ways to leave safely, resources on leaving an abusive relationship can provide guidance.

Remember, acknowledging the signs is the first step towards a healthier future.

Six Minute Dates

Six Minute Dates

Note: This article is intended as a general guide and is not a substitute for mental health or relationship counseling. If you feel unsafe or require immediate assistance, please reach out to a professional or a helpline in your country.