Relationships: Embracing the Journey of Love and Growth

Are relationships really all they’re cracked up to be? For a long time, I believed I was destined to be a lone wolf, uninterested in the mundane routine of love. But life has a funny way of surprising us, challenging our preconceived notions, and leading us down unexpected paths. This is the story of how I went from hating relationships to embracing the beauty and growth they offer.

A Toilet-Tinder Revelation

It all started when I found myself mindlessly swiping left and right on Tinder, desperately trying to avoid my own thoughts, when his profile appeared. We had been secretly hooking up for months, or so we thought. None of our friends had hinted at knowing about our rendezvous, but deep down, I knew they did. Secret hookups are rarely secret, after all.

Seeing him on Tinder for the second time in a week stirred something within me. Was he still dating? Were we non-exclusively dating others? It became clear that we needed to have the conversation. But why couldn’t he be the one to initiate it? I decided to consult my best friend for advice, and together we practiced countless versions of me asking for exclusivity, searching for the perfect balance of maturity and nonchalance.

The Bumpy Road to Exclusivity

The opportunity presented itself during an intimate moment, a testament to my genius timing. I mustered the courage, and he eagerly agreed. Yet, amidst the rush of adrenaline, one question lingered: Why hadn’t he asked me first? His answer caught me off guard. Apparently, our first ever make-out session included my declaration of non-serious intentions. How could I forget? Alcohol had clouded that memory, but the truth remained.

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For years, I had proclaimed my aversion to serious relationships. I envisioned a life as a black-clad writer, sipping wine, forever unmarried, and perhaps owning a pied-à-terre in Italy. Couples didn’t inspire envy in me, and conventional notions of home and family seemed unappealing. But deep down, a flicker of curiosity remained. What if I gave love a chance?

The Thrill and Boredom of Monogamy

Time passed, and as feared, the initial novelty of our relationship waned. Relationships, it turned out, could be boring. They demanded stability and contentment, attributes often mistaken for stagnation. Yet, I found solace in the mundane – picking out an apartment, choosing paint colors, even experiencing the unfortunate event of having our new apartment broken into and all the paint stolen.

Unexpectedly, the idea of house plants, once dismissed as useless, captivated me. I even repainted a flea market nightstand to match our bedroom decor. And dare I say it, marriage and weddings suddenly held a newfound allure. The thought of celebrating “us” became not just acceptable, but necessary. Surely, this was the natural trajectory. But life had other plans.

The Temptation of Open Relationships

Restlessness overcame me, prompting me to explore the concept of open relationships. Not driven solely by the allure of novel encounters, I sought excitement in the possibility itself. However, I knew he would never embrace such an arrangement. Doubts crept in. Should I leave? Was I being foolish? Was there a magical relationship out there where boredom didn’t exist? The answer: no.

I chose not to leave. Instead, I recognized that monogamy is a practice, an intentional commitment. It’s a mindful exercise rather than an unbreakable vow. I reminded myself that my dissatisfaction stemmed not from him, but from a longing for new experiences. I thrive on the excitement of wanting and exploring, constantly seeking newness in life.

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The Journey of Self-Discovery

Reflecting on my past journals, I discovered evidence that my single life was not always filled with blissful freedom. Loneliness, worry, and restlessness often colored my solitary existence. In my pursuit of the next crush, I failed to realize that lasting satisfaction cannot be found in another person alone. The pattern of boredom persisted, even within relationships. But some people are worth the effort.

In this ever-changing landscape of emotions and desires, I have come to appreciate that relationships are more than just an escape from loneliness or societal expectations. They present an opportunity for growth, a chance to confront our fears and learn about ourselves. It is this journey of self-discovery, fueled by curiosity and a desire for newness, that has transformed my perspective on relationships.

So, dear reader, embrace the practice of love. Seek growth within the boundaries of monogamy. And remember, it’s okay to desire more while cherishing what you have. Life is an adventure, and love is a beautiful part of that journey.


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