I Found Love on Credit: My Unconventional Relationship Journey


In a world where love is often seen as priceless, I made the unconventional choice of buying my boyfriend on a loan. Tae Ukishima, a dedicated front desk employee, had a dream of marrying a competent man and living as a traditional housewife. But her boyfriend, Shunpei Shiraishi, didn’t fit the bill. To fulfill her desires, Tae decided to take matters into her own hands and explore an alternative approach to love.

The Facade and the Real Self

Tae Ukishima skillfully masked her true personality in front of Shunpei. To him, she appeared naive and shy, but in reality, she was a woman who spoke her mind and wasn’t afraid to make sharp remarks. Tae’s desire to relieve her stress and maintain appearances led her to make a life-changing decision. She purchased Jun Setsuna, a boyfriend she could mold according to her wishes and pay off his debt in the process.

Unveiling the Layers

In this curious romantic tale, we delve into the complexities of human relationships and the dynamics at play. This drama, although laced with absurdness, offers a satirical lens through which we can explore profound themes. The male writer’s portrayal of these themes adds an extra layer of cringe, amplifying the impact of the story.

The Power of Context

The premise of this show is deceptively simple, yet it harbors deeper meanings. Viewing it as a product of its time, created in 2018 for its sheer absurdity and biting commentary, helps to digest its content. The conversation between Tae and Jun, where he explains the difference between fake and real kindness, strikes a chord. It reminds us that the bond between individuals should be built on genuine care, not on indebtedness.

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Unconventional Lessons

Within the narrative, we find moments that challenge societal norms. Reika’s realization that children of divorced parents should be allowed to form their own opinions about their parents’ relationships is a powerful reminder of the importance of autonomy and individuality.

Accepting Flaws in Fiction

While this drama is not without flaws, such as the constant abuse of male characters and the perpetuation of submissive female stereotypes, it is reflective of certain patterns observed in Japanese dramas. It’s almost a nod to the realities of the genre, reminiscent of similar themes in “This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake of My Life.” The predictable ending, although expected, leaves some questions unanswered, adding a touch of intrigue.

A Unique Experience

Approaching this drama with minimal expectations may yield a more enjoyable experience. It effortlessly captivates viewers, alternating between easy-watching moments and hard-to-stomach scenes. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it carries an unexpected charm that manages to shine through.

gif credit

gif credit

In the realm of love, unconventional paths can lead to surprising destinations. As we navigate the complexities of relationships, we must push boundaries, question societal norms, and explore the myriad possibilities that exist. While my approach may have raised eyebrows, it has taught me valuable lessons about love, authenticity, and the power of unconventional choices.

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