Revealing Who Liked You on Tinder Without Paying

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Video how to see who liked you on tinder without paying

Have you ever wondered who swiped right on your Tinder profile? Curiosity can get the best of us, but Tinder’s paid features often stand in the way of satisfying that curiosity. Fear not! We’ve discovered a simple trick to unblur the images of those who found you attractive, without having to fork out any cash.

A World of Paid Features

Tinder, the leading dating app globally, has managed to dominate the market with its vast array of paid features. From unlimited swiping to location changes, users have been willing to spend a staggering $1.2 billion in 2020 alone to optimize their chances of finding love or lust. However, one feature stands out among the rest – the ability to view a list of people who liked you. This list remains tantalizingly blurred in the regular, free version of Tinder.

Alternatives and Solutions

If you’re tired of the blurred images and want to uncover who has shown interest, we present two options for you.

  1. Explore Other Apps: Consider switching dating apps. Hinge, a subsidiary of Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, allows you to see who liked your profile. Keep in mind that Hinge has its own limitations and may require a paid subscription for unlimited likes.

  2. Unblur the Images: To reveal the identities of those who liked you on Tinder without paying, follow these simple steps:

    • Log into your Tinder account on your desktop browser, such as Google Chrome, by visiting
    • Once signed in, you’ll find your “Matches” list on the left sidebar. Look for the blurred icon, indicating the number of people who liked you. Click on it.
    • With any luck, a screen filled with blurred images of people who swiped right on your profile will appear.
    • Right-click on the first blurred image and select “Inspect.”
    • The Developer Tools module will appear, displaying two submodules: Elements and Styles.
    • In the Styles box, scroll down until you find the line that says “filter: blur(12px);.” Click on the “blur(12px)” part and change it to “blur(1px)” by typing it in.
    • Voila! Close the Developer Tools module, and you’ll be able to see the first ten images with a significantly reduced level of blurriness, making them somewhat recognizable.
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Discovering who liked you on Tinder no longer requires you to break the bank. By using this simple trick, you can unblur the images and satisfy your curiosity. Remember, Tinder has patched this flaw, so make the most of it while it lasts. If you’re still craving more control over your dating experience, consider exploring alternative apps or unlocking additional features through paid subscriptions. Happy swiping!

Unblur Tinder Images

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