How to Boost Your Tinder Likes and Get More Dates

Are you tired of swiping endlessly on Tinder without getting the likes you desire? Don’t worry, my friend. In this article, you’ll discover effective strategies to increase your Tinder likes and go on multiple dates every week.

Follow Tinder’s House Rules

If you want to avoid being starved for likes and matches, it’s crucial to adhere to Tinder’s rules. Violating these rules can result in your profile being pushed to the bottom of every hot girl’s swiping stack. To climb up her Tinder queue, you can:

  • Have an attractive profile that showcases your best qualities.
  • Send messages promptly to new matches to show them a good time.
  • Add your Instagram, Spotify, and bio description to demonstrate effort and make yourself more appealing to Tinder.
  • Avoid swiping right on every profile you see. Selectivity is key.
  • Open the app regularly to stay active and increase your chances of being seen.

Make Tinder Forget About Your Mistakes

Tinder keeps a close eye on your dating behavior, and your ELO score determines your ranking on the platform. This score factors in various elements such as your photos, bio, swiping habits, and popularity. While you can influence your ELO score, Tinder mostly determines it within 24 hours of creating your profile.

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If you find yourself stuck with a low rating, one quick fix is to delete your account and start fresh with your best photos and an appealing bio.

Have a Standout First Photo

Your first profile photo is crucial in grabbing a girl’s attention. Keep in mind that women on Tinder are selective and will only swipe profiles they find genuinely interesting. To create a winning photo, focus on framing and simplicity. The best-rated profiles often feature a “chest up” pose with a clean background, allowing your face and eyes to be the main focus. Avoid hiding your eyes behind sunglasses.

Say Goodbye to Selfies

While selfies may seem popular on social media, they are less appealing on Tinder. Research indicates that selfies make you appear unattractive, narcissistic, and unoriginal. Moreover, bathroom selfies with bad lighting are definite turn-offs. Instead, opt for photos that show you in interesting and natural settings.

Understand the Difference Between Facebook and Online Dating

What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on Tinder. Your potential matches visit your profile to determine if you’re date-worthy, so keeping your photos free of distractions and conveying your personality clearly is crucial.

Be Unique and Avoid Cringeworthy Behavior

To stand out from the competition, show off your unique personality rather than resorting to clichés. Avoid posting pictures that make you appear arrogant or overly focused on physical attributes. Instead, let your bio and conversations reflect your fun and engaging side.

Get More Tinder Likes With a Profile Checklist

Just like a pre-flight checklist for airplanes, having a profile checklist can help you optimize your Tinder profile and increase your likes. Answering targeted questions about your profile can provide valuable insights and help you improve.

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Craft a Captivating Tinder Bio

Your Tinder bio is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd. Rather than using generic language and clichés, focus on writing a bio that challenges and entertains. Drop the inspirational quotes and make sure your personality shines through.

Build Trust with Appealing Photos

Looking trustworthy is essential for attracting potential partners on Tinder. Show your softer side by smiling and including pictures with family pets or engaging in relaxing hobbies. However, be careful not to appear too feminine. Strike a balance between trustworthiness and masculinity by including photos that showcase your confident and adventurous side.

By implementing these nine tips, you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting more Tinder likes. Now it’s time to open the app and put your newfound knowledge to use. Good luck, my friend!

Blessings, Louis Farfields

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