Haters Dating App: Connecting People Through Dislikes

Hater App Shark Tank Update

In a world where dating apps abound, Hater App stands out by offering a unique approach to finding a match. Created by Brendan Alper, a former Goldman Sachs software engineer turned entrepreneur, Hater App allows users to connect with like-minded individuals based on their shared dislikes. Originally featured on Shark Tank in 2016, this app has attracted significant attention and gained popularity for its innovative concept.

What Is Hater App?

Hater App is not your typical dating app. Instead of matching people based on their common interests or hobbies, Hater App brings people together based on what they hate. With over 4,000 topics to choose from, ranging from hot dogs to political issues, Hater App allows users to express their opinions and swipe left or right accordingly. This unique approach brings people closer by fostering conversations and connections over shared dislikes.

The anonymity of swiping makes it possible for potential matches to find each other. If both users right-swipe, indicating a mutual dislike, a connection is made. However, even if you don’t find a match, Hater App allows you to send messages to non-matches once every twelve hours. Additionally, the app identifies the top “hates” in each state, offering a glimpse into regional preferences and trends.

Hater App

The Founder Behind Hater App

Brendan Alper, the mastermind behind Hater App, developed the concept based on a comedy skit and extensive research. He discovered that people who bond over common dislikes tend to form deeper connections. Armed with this insight, Brendan decided to turn his idea into a reality.

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After leaving his job at Goldman Sachs, Brendan embarked on a journey to create Hater App. With his savings, a 401(k) withdrawal, and $100,000 raised from friends and family, Brendan brought his vision to life. The popularity of Hater App soared after receiving a significant investment of $200,000 from none other than Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. This investment allowed Brendan to further develop and expand the app.

Hater App’s Journey

Hater App started as a joke in 2016 but quickly gained traction and online interest. Within a month of its launch, the app accumulated over 30,000 daily active members and generated 200,000 matches by March 2017, making it one of Germany’s top leisure apps. The creators of Shark Tank took notice of Hater App’s success, leading to an invitation for Brendan Alper and his team to appear on the show.

During the Shark Tank pitch, Brendan requested a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 5% stake in Hater App. However, Mark Cuban saw the potential and offered $200,000 for a 7.5% stake in the app, along with 2.5% advisory shares. Brendan accepted the offer, sealing the deal and leaving the Shark Tank stage with a partnership that would propel Hater App even further.

Hater App Shark Tank Update

Hater App’s Impact

After its launch in 2017, Hater App quickly gained popularity, amassing over a million downloads and attracting 35,000 beta program sign-ups. The app’s premise of connecting people through shared dislikes struck a chord with users who were tired of traditional dating apps. Hater App’s user base grew to 750,000, with 4,000 topics available for users to express their opinions on.

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Despite its initial success, Hater App faced challenges in monetization. The app’s revenue-generating efforts, such as premium memberships and advertising, did not generate enough cash flow as anticipated. As a result, the app was eventually removed from the App Store, and the company’s Twitter account became inactive.

While no official statement regarding Hater App’s closure has been made, it is no longer in operation as of 2023. However, the app’s impact on the dating app industry is undeniable, showcasing the appetite for unique and unconventional ways of connecting people.

The Legacy of Hater App

Hater App may no longer be in business, but its legacy lives on. The app’s approach of connecting people through shared dislikes opened up new possibilities and challenged the traditional dating app model. While Hater App may have left a void, there are numerous other apps available for those still seeking love and connection.

As for Brendan Alper, the founder of Hater App, his entrepreneurial journey continues. While he may not be returning to Shark Tank anytime soon, his innovative spirit and determination are sure to lead to new ventures and endeavors.