Harry Styles Finds Love Again: Meet His New Girlfriend Taylor Russell

Harry Styles, the beloved pop icon, has found love once again. He is now in a relationship with model and actress Taylor Russell, and fans couldn’t be happier for the couple. Let’s delve into how they met and how long they have been dating.

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell
Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have been dating since around June 2023. Picture: Getty

A New Love Story

Harry Styles has recently been seen with Taylor Russell on several occasions, and their chemistry is undeniable. After supporting Taylor on the opening night of her play, The Effect, Harry’s fans were both heartbroken and happy to see him finding love again after his previous relationship with Olivia Wilde ended in 2022. The couple even took a romantic stroll hand-in-hand through central London in August, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

Taylor Russell: Harry Styles’ Girlfriend

It’s official – Taylor Russell is Harry Styles’ girlfriend. This marks Harry’s first relationship since his split with Olivia Wilde at the end of last year. Known for keeping his personal life private, Harry is not one to openly discuss his romances. However, fans can hope for some hints in his future music.

Taylor Russell stars in the National Theatre's production of "The Effect"
Taylor Russell stars in the National Theatre’s production of “The Effect”. Picture: Getty

The Time They’ve Spent Together

It is believed that Harry and Taylor have been dating since June 2023 when they were first spotted together in London. Taylor even attended Harry’s Love on Tour concert in July in Vienna, where she danced the night away in the VIP section. The couple seems to be quite supportive of each other’s careers, as Harry was seen introducing Taylor to his friend James Corden at the opening night of her play.

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A Mysterious Beginning

The exact details of how Harry Styles and Taylor Russell met have not been disclosed. However, they were first seen together at the Venice Film Festival in 2022 when Harry was promoting his movie “Don’t Worry, Darling.” It is speculated that they move in similar circles and may have been introduced by mutual friends.

It’s wonderful to see Harry Styles and Taylor Russell thriving as a couple. Their love story is just beginning, and fans are excited to see where it leads. For more updates on Harry’s new relationship and other news, head over to Six Minute Dates.

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