Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Birthday with a Special Birthday Poem

Friendship is a treasure that lasts a lifetime. Friends are there for us during tough times and inspire us to thrive. And when it’s their birthday, we want to make them feel extraordinary and let them know how essential they are in our lives. In this article, we have compiled a collection of 30 birthday poems for friends, which you can include in birthday cards or send as text messages. Let’s dive in and explore these heartwarming poems!

Funny Birthday Poems for Friends

  1. “Here they come, with birthday cheer, Bringing gifts just once a year, People you don’t even like; You really wish they’d take a hike. This should be a glad occasion; But it seems more like a SWAT invasion. Go away! Just take a break! Oh well, at least there’s birthday cake.” – Joanna Fuchs

  2. “Happy birthday! You may look a little older, Sadly youth doesn’t come cheap, So skip all those Botox parties, And just get your beauty sleep. Be glad you’re young at heart, And still look as good as gold, Too bad you’re not a millionaire, And can’t put your looks on hold.” – Kevin Nishmas

  3. “You’ve done quite well since your start, So as you grow older take heart, Keep up the good work and don’t be a jerk, Stay happy till you’re an old fart.” – Anonymous

  4. “Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair, Look in the mirror, nature was fair, Not a day over twenty, I’m kidding, you’re plenty. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, But stop asking for trouble, You know what I mean, When you drink that caffeine. What should I bring? Just give me a ring. Elephant or clown? I knew you would frown.” – Anonymous

  5. “Happy birthday! You’re still a teenager at heart, Eating in your bed is routine, Early-bird dinners are not your style, Midnight pizza is more your scene. No one has a right to call you old, You can still pass for middle-aged, All your parts hurt but still work, With the right nip, tuck, and dosage. You have never looked so young, Your head’s still hairier than your ears, Your arms don’t jiggle like Jello, And zits still reduce you to tears.” – Kevin Nishmas

Friendship is a valuable gift that not everyone is fortunate to have. Having a best friend or confidante enriches our lives with a unique bond and companionship. To express your genuine love and true feelings, send a beautiful poem to your best friend on their birthday and make them feel special.

Heart-Touching Birthday Poems for Your Best Friend

  1. “There’s one gift you cannot buy, A buried treasure precious and true, It’s the gift of a close, kind friend, Exactly what I have in you. We’ve shared each other’s joys, And cried on each other’s shoulders, These are our precious moments, That make us stronger, even bolder. So I wish you ‘Happy birthday,’ With all my heart and soul, We’ll be best friends forever, Two halves of one fabulous whole.” – Anonymous

  2. “Be active like Music. Captivating the heart with rhythms. Like song, alternating between verses and chorus. Glide higher, like the eagle in the sky, Take the lead, the new heights are yours. Enjoy every love that comes with your day. Happy birthday, dearest!” – Anonymous

  3. “God gave me a mouth to speak, a vocal cord to resonate sounds But in my admiration of you, I remain speechless. You are such a wonderful friend that with you, success is effortless. Happy birthday to you, friend.” – Anonymous

  4. “Our friendship has no end, It cannot be measured by time, Our friendship flows like an ocean, It adjusts according to love and affection. Our friendship is mouthful like cake, It is tasty, precious and never fake. Our friendship feels good and unfeigned. Here’s wishing you a beautiful happy birthday, dearest!” – Anonymous

  5. “We’ve had a lot of fun together, Our friendship is meant to be, Not a single day to regret, Not now or ever. Bestie is what we really are, Even in the coming days, You’ll remain my best friend forever. Happy birthday, friend!” – Anonymous

  6. “If you need a shoulder, count me in, For my best friend, I’ll go the extra mile. Your thoughts I hold dear in my heart, Eat the Cakes, blow the candles. I’m happy to share in your joy today. Here’s the birthday verse for you, Happy birthday my best friend.” – Anonymous

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If you are lucky enough to have the best buddy, you have something that many people don’t. A favorite friend or confidante enriches our lives with their unique bond and companionship. To express your sincere love and true feelings, send a beautiful poem on your best friend’s birthday and make them feel special.

Short Birthday Poems for Your Friend

  1. “Love flows mingled down, mixing with comfort and joy in your presence. To this effect, I can live forever, And in you, the better life of a man has found its essence. Happy birthday to you, bestie.” – Anonymous

  2. “You are a friend that fits into all facets of life, I enjoy every moment with you, Most especially with the tincture of humor, Which brings pleasure to the soul. Happy birthday, dear.” – Anonymous

  3. “Many friends leave your life worse than they met it, but you are different, for wherever you are with me is the right place. Your care spreads all over like butter with a satisfactory taste. Happy birthday to my dear friend.” – Anonymous

  4. “From my side, I’ll cherish you till the end, for of all pals, you are a special friend. Happy birthday, pal.” – Anonymous

  5. “It’s your birthday. I can hail you without regret, Vouch for you without fear, And stand by you when you appear. Happy birthday, my friend.” – Anonymous

  6. “Friendship is acceptance. Acceptance is patience. Patience comes with endurance. The embodiment of all this is in you. Happy birthday, friend.” – Anonymous

Not every birthday is the same. The 18th birthday marks a significant milestone and calls for a grand celebration. So, write these beautiful poems on your friend’s birthday card and send them a cool wish as they enter adulthood.

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18th Birthday Poems for Your Friend

  1. “It is the time to party, It is the time to rejoice, It is your 18th birthday, Let us dance together, And yell in joy, For your coming of age, Enjoy the day!” – Anonymous

  2. “Eighteen is the age of transition… Eighteen is the time to discover, That you are a child no more. Eighteen is the time to think, And to rejoice for the years, Which will make or break you. Eighteen is the time to grieve, For the lost childhood… The days of carefree roaming, Is no more… Now you are alone, In the vast ocean of time. Happy 18th birthday, my dear friend!” – Anonymous

  3. “Hey buddy, you are eighteen! Let’s dance and give a spin. You can go to the pub at night, And to the jail after a fight! With all sincerity, we do pray, For you to have a grand birthday!” – Anonymous

Use our collection of 70th birthday poems and rhymes for your friends, relatives, or that special person in your life. Put a smile on their face with these heartwarming birthday wishes. Let your septuagenarian know that you will be there for them and cherish every moment of togetherness to the fullest.

70th Birthday Poems

  1. “It’s amazing you’re seventy, You look really young. There’s lots to explore, And adventures not done. Set the calendar today, To have plenty of fun. A cruise you should take, And a race to be run! The seventy adventure: To fish in the sun. A hike through the woods, Your life’s just begun! Slice the birthday cake, And touch off the cannon. Show the whole world, That life’s not a lemon! So Happy birthday to you, We know you’re a hellion! Go tackle the world, You’re one in a million!” – Mary

  2. “70 seems a number large, But that is all it is, For think of the all things you’ve done, And that is what is big. Your life so far has been a ride, With highs and lows we’re sure, But all that matters on this day, Is our love and heartfelt cheer. Happy Birthday!” – Nicole

  3. “Seventy Today! Hip Hip Hooray! We say, For 70 is just too grand, Numbers twixt 10s are very bland. Some may say you’re getting old, But I’m just sure they were never told, How grand is seventy! bright and bold! So chuck your dentures in the air! Never mind your missing hair, Why not ditch your old knitwear? Give your family a right old scare, Show off your hip youthful flair! For you are seventy today! Go out, enjoy it, I do say!” – Amanda Suzuki

  4. “Happy birthday my old friend, You’ll be special to me until the end, Celebrate today and know this is true, My life has been blessed because of you. I wish you the best birthday ever, Ones that are so fantastic that they live in your heart forever, And I want you to know, That wherever you go, I’m always wishing the best for you, Next year you’ll be 71, But now you’re 70. So may your birthday be the best, just like a bird celebrating in its nest.” – Nilufar

  5. “You’re turning Seventy today, You don’t look your age at all. You’re the life and soul of any party, You always have a ball. I hope you’ll continue your positive ways, You’re always very upbeat. You like to keep up with the times, You use Facebook and always tweet! You are an inspiration to all, Both young and old. You treat each minute of every day, As if it were pure gold. Wishing you all the best today, I hope it’s filled with fun. Then we’ll celebrate again, When you turn seventy-one!” – Elaine Cremin

  6. “70th birthday poems to go in a card need to be quite short unless you want writer’s cramp. I like the following, it’s quite inoffensive! Some would say you’re old, but I have to disagree. You’re the youngest 70 that could possibly ever be.” – Anonymous

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If you are planning a blast at the birthday party, you can pen down any of these wonderful poems and watch your friend’s smile light up the room with surprise. While some are funny and teasing that only besties can get away with, others are heart-touching and show how much you care for your loved ones. So, celebrate this special occasion with our birthday poems and feel grateful for the chance to be with friends, family, and people who care about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I add humor to my birthday poem for a friend?
You can include funny poems for a good laugh and read them out at the party to share them with your other friends. You can personalize the poem by using your friend’s nickname as well.

How can I make my birthday poem for a friend extra special?
You can write the poem down on a birthday card or read it aloud or perform it for your friend to make it even more special.

What if I’m not confident in my poetry skills?
You can use one of the poems mentioned above and dedicate it to your friend. It can be in the form of a voice recording, video recording, or written in a card.

How can I ensure that my birthday poem for a friend is appropriate for the occasion?
Pick occasion-specific poems that are playful, funny yet tasteful. Avoid any inappropriate stories and swear words while making the wish.

Celebrate your best friend’s birthday with a special birthday poem. Check out this video for a joyful birthday poem to make your best friend feel loved!