Funny Gifts That Will Crack Him Up

If you’re tired of buying the same old boring gifts for your boyfriend, it’s time to think outside the box. We’ve compiled a list of 31 hilarious gift ideas that are sure to make him laugh like crazy. These affordable gifts are perfect for the guy who enjoys goofy things and has a great sense of humor. Plus, they make the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s his birthday, anniversary, April Fool’s day, or even Valentine’s day.

Unleash the Laughter (Under $25)

These gifts are anything but ordinary. No matter what type of guy he is, even if he claims he doesn’t want or need anything, he’ll love these hilarious surprises.

1. The Mighty Meat Tenderizer

If your guy loves to cook and is a fan of Avenger movies, then the Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer is the perfect gift for him. It’s a real and functional tool that combines his passions and will have him heading straight to the kitchen.

2. Crack Open a Cold One Like a Superhero

These hammer-shaped bottle openers will give him superhero strength to crack open a beer bottle. It’s a fun and affordable gift that he’ll enjoy for a long time. Plus, it comes in a set of two, so he can keep one in the kitchen and one in his man cave.

3. Make His Birthday Extra Special

Surprise him on his birthday with a hilarious 2-ply birthday toilet tissue paper that will make him burst out laughing, even in the bathroom. Looking for more birthday gift ideas? Check out our spectacular collection that will make him feel special on his big day.

4. Record a Funny Surprise

Add some humor to his daily routine with a talking toilet paper spindle. Record a funny message or a few funny lines that will play every time he rolls the paper. Pair it with the birthday toilet paper for a birthday surprise that will have him rolling with laughter (hopefully not on the toilet floor).

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5. Level Up with Chocolate

Combine two of his favorite things with the chocolate Xbox controller. This delicious treat looks exactly like the original and comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. It’s the perfect gift for the guy who loves gaming and can’t live without his Xbox.

6. Cheeky Cleaning

Give him a gift that will make him chuckle every time he uses it – the Butt Face Soap. This gag gift not only brings a smile to his face but also smells really good. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary gift that adds some humor to his daily routine.

7. Beat the Boredom

The funny desktop basketball game is just what he needs for those boring days at work. The ball is tied with a thread, so there’s no chance of losing it. It may look easy, but mastering the technique will require some skill. He’ll be the office superstar once he impresses his colleagues with his basketball prowess.

8. Have a Beer at Arm’s Length

The beer holster is a genius gift that will make him laugh and be amazed at its simplicity. It’s a man’s best friend for grilling, working around the house, or enjoying outdoor activities. The holster fits both cans and bottles, preventing slips and spills, and keeping his beer within arm’s reach.

9. Adorable and Functional

Surprise him with a cute towel made of 100% cotton. It’s soft, luxurious, and a brilliant idea, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship or he’s going abroad. It’s an adorable gift that shows you care about his comfort.

10. Furry Footsie Fun

Playing footsie in furry slippers will leave you both laughing hysterically. These fuzzy and hilarious slippers are more than just a novelty gift – they’ll keep his feet warm and soft, with an anti-skid bottom to prevent any slips.

11. Make Him Blush

Show who’s the boss with personalized underpants. It’s a naughty gift that’s perfect for celebrating milestone events like anniversaries or romantic occasions like Valentine’s day. Let him know he’s yours and yours alone.

12. A Book of Intriguing Questions

Give him a book filled with life’s 150 most intriguing questions and answers. Whether he loves reading or not, he’ll find it hard to put this book down. It’s a great conversation piece that will make a wonderful addition to his coffee table or bar.

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13. Clear the Air

The Activated Carbon Fart Pads are a great gag gift for April Fool’s day or his birthday. They really work and will have him laughing uncontrollably. Plus, you’ll both be able to enjoy clean, fresh air without the need for a million candles.

14. The Ultimate Back Scratcher

The Big Back Scratcher is a practical gag gift that most guys will appreciate. It’s perfect for those times when you’re not around to give him a good back scratch. Check out the amazing reviews it has – everyone loves it.

15. A Companion for the Lonely Nights

The girlfriend pillow is a fun gift for long-distance lovers or any couple who can’t be together as often as they’d like. It provides comfort and company when you’re away and patiently listens to his silly jokes.

16. Golfing on the Throne

Turn his bathroom time into fun time with the toilet time golf game. It’s perfect for the golfer who wants to practice his swing while taking care of business. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking gag gift that every man wants.

17. Manly Hands, Pleasant Smells

Most men don’t like fruity or sweet-smelling creams, but Hand Shit cream is different. Show his hands some love with this moisturizing and great-smelling cream. He’ll be pleasantly surprised once he overcomes his initial hesitation.

18. Laugh and Gift

If you want to make him laugh but still give him a nice gift from a store, the hilarious prank gift box is the solution. He might need some convincing to open the Earwax Candle Kit gift, but he’ll do a double-take once he sees what’s written on the box. Check out all the super funny variations available.

19. Raise a Glass

The urinal shot glasses are a laughable gift that looks like the real deal. Made of ceramic, they’ll be the star of every party. You might gross some people out, but you’ll definitely have everyone laughing.

20. Spoonful of Laughter

Is your boyfriend a cereal killer? If he loves cereal, this spoon will make a great gift. The cereal lover will be thrilled to have this spoon to scoop up his favorite cereal.

Silly Gifts That Promise Laughter (Under $50)

Here are some more funny, yet useful gifts under $50 that your boyfriend will be thrilled to receive.

25. Comfy and Hilarious

Get him a pair of boxers that are not only ultra-comfy but also hilarious. Leave the interpretation to your imagination, but rest assured, he’ll love wearing them.

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26. May the Waffles Be with Him

If he loves waffles and Star Wars, kill two birds with one stone with the Star Wars waffle maker. Weekend breakfasts will never be the same again, and he might even start getting up early to impress you with his tasty Star Wars waffles.

27. Money That Will Make Him Smile

Make him smile with a ridiculously big $100 bill printed rug. Whether he just got promoted, landed his first job, or things just got greener on his side, he’ll love this fabulous décor item for his home office.

28. A Classy Decanter

Let him play bartender with a unique gun decanter that comes with shot glasses. It’s a funny and useful gift that will be the highlight of all parties. His friends will want one too once they see it.

29. Working Out with a Twist

Working out will never be boring again with these dumbbell glasses. They’re perfect for the guy who loves quirky things and has a great sense of humor. He’ll want to keep lifting them all evening long.

30. Wrap Him in Comfort

Give him a warm tortilla print blanket that will make cozy nights on the sofa even better. It’s fun to look at and even more fun to wrap yourself in. It’ll be an instant hit during your Netflix and chill sessions.

31. For the Kid at Heart

This animal tail blanket is for the boyfriend who is a kid at heart. Made of minky soft fabric, it will keep him warm and comfortable. Plus, the snuggly comfy shark blanket has glow-in-the-dark eyes and great reviews on Amazon.

32. Cheers to His Home Bar

Get him an eye-catching beverage dispenser that will become the centerpiece of his home bar. It’s sure to open up the Pandora’s box of liquor humor when friends and family come over. A top-notch find, especially for the price.

All of these silly yet practical gifts are guaranteed to make your boyfriend laugh and enjoy every moment. So go ahead, pick the perfect gift that will bring a smile to his face and make him appreciate your sense of humor.

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