The Truth About A Scam Exposed

If you’re searching for an exciting dating experience, you may have come across However, I must warn you – this site is nothing more than a clever scam designed to empty your pockets. In this article, I’ll expose the truth behind and show you why it should be avoided at all costs.

Unveiling the Deception

From the moment you join, you’ll be bombarded with emails from various women. But here’s the catch: none of them are real. Despite its claims of connecting you with women interested in adventurous hookups, is merely a facade to extract money from unsuspecting users.

To shed light on this scam, I conducted an in-depth video review of Extreme Chat, documenting every aspect of their members’ area. By watching this review, you’ll gain firsthand insight into the site’s fraudulent practices and save yourself from falling victim to this scheme.

On the bottom of every page, openly admits that you’ll only have the chance to chat with virtual online profiles in their virtual entertainment world. The catch? Real meetings are not possible. They blatantly confess that their website is filled with fictitious profiles – a clear indication that nothing here is genuine. And don’t forget to read the terms and conditions, as they often reveal crucial information.

The Empty Profile Conundrum

Why would women contact an empty profile page? That’s precisely the question I asked myself during my investigation. Despite intentionally leaving our profile blank, we miraculously received messages from 33 different women. It defies logic that so many women would reach out to a profile devoid of any photos. The truth is, these emails are automated and fabricated – there are no real women behind them. If had genuine female users, we wouldn’t be inundated with these suspicious messages. Don’t be fooled by this smoke and mirrors act.

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The Coin Conundrum

As if the deception couldn’t get any worse, once you become a member, you’ll start receiving a flurry of 33 email messages. While this might initially seem exciting, it is far from it. These messages are not legitimate; they are computer-generated and sent from fictitious profiles. To interact with anyone on the site, you’ll have to purchase coins. But here’s the kicker – all the women are fake, rendering any upgrades pointless. operates an elaborate scam, using deceptive tactics to convince you to spend your hard-earned money on a worthless endeavor.

The Pretense of Paid Operators

Hidden within the terms and conditions is a startling revelation – Extreme Chat employs operators and animators. These individuals, paid employees and contractors, pretend to be the women on the site’s profiles. They engage in conversations, leading you to believe they hold genuine interests. However, their sole purpose is to drain your wallet by encouraging you to spend exorbitant amounts on coins, with messages costing over $1.00 each. These operators are manipulative and solely focused on extracting every cent from your pockets.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, is an extreme scam. Don’t waste another minute on this fraudulent alternative dating site. It’s a rip-off, filled with fake profiles and devoid of any real women. Rest assured, you will never have the chance to meet any of these people in person. My recommendation? Steer clear of and save yourself from a world of disappointment.

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Note: This article has been produced based on information gathered from various sources and personal investigations.