Dating in North Carolina: Exploring the Best and Worst Cities for Singles

If you’re single and living in North Carolina, you might be wondering about the best city for you. However, it’s equally important to know which city to avoid. WalletHub, the renowned online financial portal that analyzes data about our lives and trends, has conducted a thorough investigation to determine the best and worst places in America for those who are unwed.

Fayetteville: North Carolina’s Hidden Gem

Coming in at number 64 among America’s 182 largest cities is Fayetteville, North Carolina. Surprisingly, this city, with a population of over 211,000 and known as the primary location for Fort Bragg, is the state’s best bet for singles. With 54% of its population unmarried and a median age of 30.8, Fayetteville offers a promising dating scene.

Greensboro and Winston-Salem: The College Town Blues

On the other hand, the Piedmont Triad’s two big college towns, Greensboro and Winston-Salem, rank among the worst cities for singles. Greensboro sits at number 164, while Winston-Salem falls to number 176. This news may disappoint many young individuals hoping to find love in these vibrant cities.

The Best and Worst Cities in America

If you’re curious about the nation’s top cities for singles, the list includes Seattle, Madison, Denver, San Francisco, and Portland. Unfortunately, Winston-Salem is worse off than these cities, only surpassing Shreveport, Fort Smith, Hialeah, Brownsville, Glendale, and Warwick in the rankings.

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The Mystery of Greensboro and Winston-Salem

Given the substantial number of young and single individuals residing in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, it’s puzzling why these cities fared poorly in WalletHub’s study. The rankings were calculated based on economic factors, fun and recreational opportunities, and the overall dating scene in each location.

A Closer Look at North Carolina

Among North Carolina cities, Fayetteville earned an impressive score of 52.47, placing it at number 77 in the rankings. Raleigh followed closely at number 77, with a score of 51.45. Charlotte, at number 116, and Durham, at number 145, also made it onto the list. However, cities like Wilmington and Asheville did not meet the criteria.

Analyzing North Carolina’s Performance

Let’s delve deeper into the reasons behind the disappointing rankings of Greensboro and Winston-Salem. Greensboro ranked last in the Singles Gender Balance category, two spots below Durham. This aspect, given extra weight under the Dating Opportunities section, significantly impacted the cities’ overall scores. However, Greensboro showed some potential in the Economic and Fun & Recreation categories, landing at numbers 51 and 77, respectively. Winston-Salem ranked at numbers 67 and 135 in those same categories.

Expert Advice for Choosing a City

WalletHub sought advice from a panel of college professors and experts on selecting the best city for singles. They emphasized the importance of considering opportunities for fun, demographics, and affordability. The experts also highlighted the significance of community support for LGBTQ individuals.

Anita L. Vangelisti, an associate dean of communications at the University of Texas in Austin, advised singles to consider whether a city offers resources and activities that align with their lifestyle. For fitness enthusiasts, access to gyms and outdoor activities like biking, swimming, hiking, and sailing is crucial. On the other hand, those who enjoy museums, shows, and upscale restaurants should assess the availability of these amenities in their chosen city.

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Jacki Fitzpatrick, an associate professor at Texas Tech, provided a cautionary note. She urged singles to experience a city as a resident rather than just as a tourist. It’s important to understand the daily routine, affordability, and costs associated with specific neighborhoods or areas of interest. By gathering this information, individuals can make realistic choices about their ideal city to live in.

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle in North Carolina, consider the best and worst cities for singles. Explore the unique dating opportunities, vibrant social scenes, and diverse communities that await you. Start your adventure in North Carolina and who knows, you may find love in the most unexpected places.

People in downtown Greensboro start their new year off with positive resolutions

Greensboro ranked just ahead of Winston-Salem near the bottom of the nation’s 182 largest cities in attractiveness for singles.

Skyview 8 video shows downtown Winston-Salem and the Salem Pkwy

Winston-Salem is among the worst cities for singles.