Dating Apps in Los Angeles: Finding Love in the City of Angels

Are you living in the bustling city of Los Angeles and wondering how to navigate the dating scene? With a population of over 4 million people, you might think that meeting someone would be as simple as stepping out of your front door. However, LA is not a city where you can rely on chance encounters. If you want to find romance or even something more casual, you have to put in some effort. And these days, that often means turning to dating apps and sites.

Let’s face it, the market is saturated with countless dating platforms, and it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are worth your time. That’s where we come in. We’ve done the research for you and curated a list of the best dating apps and sites in Los Angeles. Whether you’re a student at UCLA or a Hollywood professional, there’s an option here that suits your needs.

Key Takeaways

#1 – Kippo (Android; iOS): The Perfect App for Gamers in LA

Los Angeles is an entertainment hub, which means you’re likely to find plenty of people with similar interests. If you’re a gamer, Kippo might just be the perfect app for you. It’s designed specifically for gamers to connect with each other, allowing users to showcase their favorite games on their profiles.

What sets Kippo apart is the ability to play games with your matches. The app features a virtual world where users can interact and have fun together. This adds excitement to the dating experience and helps you find someone who shares your passion for gaming. While Kippo caters to a niche audience with a smaller user base, it focuses on quality matches rather than quantity.

Why Kippo Stands Out Among the Best Dating Apps in Los Angeles

What Makes Kippo a Great Choice


#2 – eHarmony (Android; iOS): Unparalleled for Long-Term Relationships

When it comes to long-term relationships, eHarmony is an undisputed powerhouse, especially in Los Angeles. This popular app has a proven track record of helping locals find their life partners through advanced matching algorithms. With eHarmony, you can skip the endless scrolling and let the app do the hard work for you.

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The secret sauce of eHarmony’s success lies in its in-depth questionnaire, which all users complete during the signup process. This comprehensive assessment delves into your lifestyle, interests, and preferences to connect you with compatible potential mates. The app aims to foster connections that stand the test of time. If you’re serious about finding a long-term partner, eHarmony is the site for you.

What Sets eHarmony Apart as one of the Best Dating Apps in Los Angeles

eHarmony’s Standout Features


#3 – Kinkoo (Android, iOS): Embrace Your Pleasure in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city where everyone seems to have their unique, erotic preferences. Dating in such an environment can be both fascinating and complicated, especially if you’re shy about expressing your desires. That’s where Kinkoo comes in. It’s the go-to dating app for modern Angelenos who unapologetically embrace their kinky side.

Kinkoo encourages users to be their authentic selves by emphasizing photos and promoting open discussions about sexual kinks. Whether you’re an experienced kinkster or just curious, this app provides a safe space to explore and connect with like-minded individuals. If you’re looking for a sexual relationship that goes beyond the conventional, Kinkoo might just be the best dating app for you in Los Angeles.

Why Kinkoo is Worth a Download

Areas for Improvement in Kinkoo


#4 – AFF: Your Ticket to a Memorable Fling

If you’re not currently seeking a committed relationship but still want to have some fun in the bedroom, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is the easy choice. We’ve tested various hookup apps, and AFF consistently delivers remarkable results. While apps like Tinder cater more to younger users, AFF reigns supreme when it comes to finding casual encounters in Los Angeles.

One of the standout features of AFF is its ability to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Everyone on the site is there for the same reason, so you can save time and focus on finding compatible partners. With a massive user base and a range of features like live webcam shows and adult chatrooms, AFF is your go-to platform for flings in Los Angeles.

Why You Should Give AFF a Try

What Can Be Improved with AFF


#5 – Hinge (Android; iOS): Breaking the Ice for Men in LA

Hinge, initially designed to connect people through their Facebook connections, has now evolved into one of the best dating apps in Los Angeles. While you no longer need a Facebook account to use the app, Hinge still maintains its core principle of fostering meaningful connections that go beyond superficiality.

One of the significant advantages of Hinge is its emphasis on helping users initiate conversations. Many men find the most challenging part of online dating to be finding the right thing to say. Hinge eases this burden through its well-crafted mix of icebreaker questions and amusing photo prompts. Among the plethora of Los Angeles dating apps, Hinge is our top recommendation for men.

Why Hinge Stands Out as a Great LA Dating App

Areas for Improvement in Hinge


#6 – Facebook Dating (Android; iOS): Putting Your Profile to Good Use

For older millennials contemplating quitting Facebook, here’s a reason to think twice: Facebook Dating. This official dating app from the social media giant offers a unique advantage – if you already have an FB profile, setup is a breeze. You can transfer information from your main profile, ensuring a more comprehensive experience compared to other apps. Rest assured, your dating activity remains discreet unless both parties are using the app.

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As with other Facebook platforms, Facebook Dating comes free of charge. It leverages your digital profile to connect you with potential matches, making it an attractive option for those looking to dip their toes into the online dating pool. So, why not extend the love-hate relationship with Facebook and try their dedicated dating app?

Why Facebook Dating Shines Among the Best Dating Apps in Los Angeles

Some Aspects Facebook Dating Could Improve

Facebook Dating

#7 – Zoosk (Android; iOS): Your Guide to Genuine Connections

Zoosk, known for its simplicity and focus on younger users, is one of the most popular dating apps on the market. It offers a no-frills approach to online dating, enabling younger individuals to form genuine connections. As a great alternative to hookup-focused apps like Tinder, Zoosk helps users explore potential matches without sacrificing depth.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to browse through profiles effortlessly, swiping right on those that catch your eye and left on those that don’t. Zoosk’s detailed profiles, with bios of up to 1500 characters, allow you to get to know your matches more intimately. With over 40 million users worldwide, landing a date in Los Angeles should be a breeze on Zoosk.

Why Zoosk Ranks Among the Best Dating Apps in Los Angeles

Aspects Zoosk Can Improve Upon


#8 – Elite Singles (Android, iOS): Making Connections for the Elite

Dating in LA can be tough, especially when faced with endless conversations about vague aspirations. In a city where everyone believes they’re elite in some way, Elite Singles is an app where users genuinely live up to the label. This exclusive platform connects well-educated individuals focused on their careers, making it a popular choice among ambitious Angelenos.

Elite Singles caters to a key demographic of adults aged 30 to 50 who have their lives together. If you’re seeking a serious partner who matches your drive and intellect, this is the app for you. While Elite Singles might come with a higher price tag, it promises a tailored experience for those who refuse to settle for less. Explore the top-tier of Los Angeles dating with Elite Singles.

The Best Reasons to Choose Elite Singles

Elements Some Users May Not Favor

Elite Singles

#9 – Heybaby (iOS): Empowering Single Parents in LA

Being a single parent in Los Angeles can sometimes feel isolating. Heybaby aims to change that by providing a platform for single parents looking for substantial, meaningful relationships. This app welcomes both single parents and individuals who are eager to start a family. By being upfront about your situation and desires, you can connect with like-minded individuals who understand your journey.

Heybaby allows you to fill out your profile honestly, ensuring that potential matches know what you’re all about. This level of transparency fosters genuine connections and provides peace of mind. If you’re a single parent or actively planning to have children, Heybaby offers a supportive community to navigate the dating landscape in Los Angeles.

Why Heybaby Ranks Among the Best Dating Sites in LA

Why Heybaby May Not Be for Everyone


#10 – Tinder (Android; iOS): Showcasing LA’s Finest

Living in a city that prides itself on having some of the hottest people in the country, Tinder is a visual feast for the eyes. In Los Angeles, this already popular app reaches new heights, attracting a plethora of attractive individuals. While it may be intimidating for those who don’t fit the conventional beauty standards, a clever bio can go a long way in cutting through the noise.

Tinder’s straightforward approach allows you to browse profiles, swiping right if you’re interested and left if you’re not. When both parties swipe right, a match is made, and you can start chatting. Even if you don’t end up with a lot of dates, the experience of exploring LA’s dating scene on Tinder is one you won’t forget.

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What Makes Tinder an Enjoyable Experience

Aspects of Tinder that Could be Improved


When choosing the best dating app for you, it’s crucial to consider your relationship goals. Different apps cater to specific audiences, yielding better results when aligned with your preferences. If you’re ready to settle down, here are two of our favorite apps for finding long-term relationships:

eHarmony: The Best Place to Find Something Serious

Even if you’re new to online dating, you’ve probably heard of eHarmony before. This long-standing dating site, established in 2000, has helped over 600,000 couples find love and get married. With eHarmony, you can escape the monotony of endless swiping and focus on meaningful connections.

eHarmony’s success lies in its in-depth questionnaire, which all users complete during sign-up. By understanding your lifestyle, interests, and preferences, eHarmony matches you with compatible partners based on compatibility. With millions of users on the site, eHarmony increases your chances of finding a perfect match in Los Angeles.

Plenty of Fish: Finding the Right Fish in the Sea

As the saying goes, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea,” and that’s where Plenty of Fish (POF) gets its name. Launched in 2003, POF offers a free alternative for individuals on a budget. The app features detailed profiles and search filters, allowing you to sort potential matches based on various criteria.

The Best Hookup Sites in Los Angeles

If you’re not ready to commit to a serious relationship, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for casual encounters in Los Angeles. Here are two of the best hookup sites to consider:

AFF: One of the Best Los Angeles Hookup Sites

When it comes to casual dating in Los Angeles and beyond, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is one of the top choices. This well-established platform caters explicitly to individuals seeking casual encounters, ensuring clarity and no awkward conversations about intentions.

AFF offers a range of features, including live webcam shows, adult chatrooms, and erotic stories, making it a paid dating site that is worth the investment. If you’re not ready for a membership, take advantage of AFF’s free trial to explore its exciting offerings.

Tinder: The Best Free Hookup Site in Los Angeles

For those on a budget, Tinder is an excellent option. While it’s not marketed explicitly as a hookup site, Tinder has become the go-to app for casual encounters due to its emphasis on appearance. Sign-up is quick and easy, allowing you to upload attractive photos and start swiping. When both parties swipe right, a match is made, and you can begin your adventure.

Considering how much you’re willing to invest in your dating experience is crucial when selecting a dating app. While free dating apps can be fun, paid apps generally offer better features and higher-quality matches. However, you can still enjoy the online dating world without paying for a membership. Here are three of the best free dating sites in Los Angeles:

  • OkCupid
  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

These apps are free to use, but you also have the option to upgrade to premium features when you’re ready to take your online dating journey to the next level.

So, whether you’re looking for love, a fling, or simply want to explore the dating landscape in Los Angeles, these apps and sites are here to help. Take your pick, dive in, and embark on your dating adventure in the City of Angels!