The Ins and Outs of Dating a Farmer


Dating a farmer is a unique experience that requires some adjustments. It’s not your typical 9-to-5 job, and conversations often revolve around equipment and the challenges of the day. However, when harvest season comes around, things take on a whole new level of intensity.

Making Plans? Think Again!


If you’re dating a farmer, don’t make plans assuming they’ll be available. Unless there’s inclement weather or a breakdown, they won’t be leaving the farm. Trust me, it’s for the best. You wouldn’t want to deal with their mood during such times anyway!

Familiarize Yourself with the Fields


Knowing the different fields and their names before harvest is essential. There’s nothing worse than asking for directions while your partner is multitasking in a tractor. Plus, field directions often involve landmarks you’ve never heard of. Don’t be caught unaware!

Hygiene Takes a Backseat


During harvest, don’t expect your farmer to prioritize clean jeans, daily hair combing, or shaving. Hygiene tends to be neglected when there’s so much work to be done. It’s better to accept it without comment, no matter how tempting it may be.

Avoid Comparisons


Resist the urge to compare your farmer’s progress with that of the neighbors. Saying things like, “So-and-so has already finished another field,” or “So-and-so started picking corn today,” will only lead to unnecessary stress. Spare yourself the trouble and save those comments for another time.

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Become a Meteorologist


When rain is on the horizon, it becomes a race against time for farmers. They need to know when and where it’ll come. Be prepared to assist, but don’t ask them how it’s coming along. I can save you the trouble by saying it’s never fast enough.

Don’t Expect Fixed Schedules


Harvest can feel like an endless cycle, with farmers working more than they sleep. Even when they’re not in the field, there’s always something to be done. Don’t ask when they’ll be done for the day because they probably don’t know themselves. Plan for delays.

Feed Them Right


During harvest, it’s crucial to keep farmers well-fed. They can’t afford to be hungry after working all day on minimal sleep. If you’re preparing meals for them, choose foods that are easy to eat on the go. Avoid messy meals that may end up on their laps. Keep them fueled and focused.

Yield Updates? Wait for Them to Share


If your farmer partner isn’t telling you about the yields or how the crops are looking, there’s probably a reason for it. Be patient and wait until they’re ready to share. Don’t push for information they’re not ready to disclose.

Remember Their Priorities


Farmers have invested their summer in their work and eagerly await the results. Understand that you may not be their top priority during this time. Be patient, flexible, and refrain from sarcastic comments about feeling neglected. Save those conversations for the middle of November.

The Loneliness is Temporary


There will be times when you feel alone or wish you could indulge in typical fall activities. It’s the most challenging aspect for many, especially those who adore the season. However, plan something enjoyable for after harvest to have something to look forward to together. Just make sure it’s planned before October, as you might not get a response in the midst of all the work.

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Be Their Support System


Harvest is an incredibly busy time, filled with high emotions and limited time. Your farmer partner needs your support, whether it’s visiting them in the field or preparing a quick, on-the-go meal. Be there for them, lend a helping hand when you can, and let them know you’re proud of the work they do. The days until harvest ends may seem long, but they’ll appreciate your backing.

Dating a farmer is a unique experience that requires flexibility, understanding, and patience. By following these survival tips, you can navigate harvest season and emerge stronger as a couple. Good luck!

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