Country Girlfriend Gifts

The holiday season is here, and with Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to find that perfect gift for your country girl. Whether it’s a last-minute present or a thoughtful surprise for any occasion, this list of country gifts for her is sure to inspire you. So, if you have a rural woman in your life who deserves a special gift, you’ve come to the right place.

Key Takeaways

Etsy gifts for country girls

Farm girls have a unique taste, and finding something that perfectly matches their personality can be a challenge. That’s why Etsy is a treasure trove of handmade and customizable gifts. In this list, we’ve curated items that cater to all kinds of rural women, ensuring there’s something special for everyone.

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Country Girl

Country Gifts For Her: Things To Wear

1. Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat

This camo trucker-style baseball cap is perfect for the country girl who loves wearing her hair in a ponytail.

2. Levi’s 724 High Rise Jeans

Flattering, versatile, and ultra soft, these jeans are the perfect go-to for any country girl, whether she’s wearing cowboy boots or sneakers.

3. Ariat Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jeans

For those who prefer a boot cut, these jeans combine classic style with a modern twist, making them a staple in any country girl’s wardrobe.

4. Two Toned Wood Hoop Earrings

Lightweight and beautifully crafted, these sapele and white birch earrings are a stunning addition to any outfit.

5. Pretty Cow T-shirt

Made with high-quality materials, this super soft t-shirt is a great gift for any country girl.

6. Not My First Rodeo Top

Soft and comfortable, this graphic t-shirt adds a touch of fun to any country girl’s wardrobe.

7. Hale Rubber Muck Boots

Sporty and multi-seasonal, these durable boots are perfect for work or a trip to town. With their comfort, you’ll understand why I personally own a pair!

8. Alpaca Wool Boot Socks

No boot wearer should be without a few good pairs of boot socks, and these alpaca wool socks are durable, soft, and moisture-wicking.

9. Embossed Genuine Leather Western Style Belt

Casual or for work, this stunning western style belt is perfect for any cowgirl.

10. Bronze Rose Belt Buckle

Featuring a rose engraved design, this vintage belt buckle adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

11. Lightweight Quilted Vest

Warm and cozy, this fully lined vest with pockets is perfect for any country girl, no matter what she’s up to.

12. Western Cowboy Hat

Authentic and simple, this straw hat is the perfect accessory for any cowgirl.

Country Gifts For Her: Home & Kitchen

13. Highland Cow Straw Cup

These adorable 16oz glass cups feature charming Highland cows and make a delightful addition to any country girl’s kitchen.

14. Country Girl Coffee Mug

Add a touch of fun to your country girl’s morning routine with this simple ceramic mug.

15. Handmade Proofing Basket (Banneton Basket)

A must-have for any bread baker, this high-quality proofing basket ensures perfectly shaped loaves every time.

16. Linen Oven Mitt

Quilted on the outside and lined with heat-insulating padding, this linen oven mitt is both beautiful and practical.

17. Personalized Farmhouse Stamped Books

Customized and affordable, these stamped books add a charming touch to any country farmhouse.

18. Rustic Farmhouse Wall Sconces

These handmade floral wall sconces bring a shabby chic vibe to any farmhouse.

19. Vintage Kitchen Canisters

Functional and beautiful, these kitchen canisters provide ample storage space for all your country girl’s kitchen essentials.

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20. Stainless Steel Fermenting Kit

Make mason jar fermentation easy and convenient with this complete stainless steel kit.

21. Boot Storage Rack

Keep your country girl’s collection of boots organized and save precious closet space with this practical boot storage rack.

22. Southwestern/Bohemian Throw Blanket

Stylish and durable, this throw blanket appeals to country girls of all tastes and styles.

23. Cow Print Candle

Made with a soy and beeswax blend, these natural candles with cow print are a charming addition to any country girl’s home.

24. Ball Mason Jars

Mason jars are incredibly versatile and can be used for food preservation, storage, drinking, and decorating. They make a wonderful gift for any country girl.

Country Gifts For Her: Beauty & Health

25. Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm

Indulge your country girl with this all-natural, luxury lip balm that provides hydration and protection.

26. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Treat your country girl to a relaxing and detoxifying experience with this aromatherapy bath bomb gift set.

27. Nurture By Nature Spa Gift Package

Pamper the special woman in your life with this gift box filled with high-quality, full-size products.

28. Hippie Skin Natural Body Butter

Pure decadence in a jar, this light and refreshing body butter will leave your country girl feeling pampered.

29. Honey Dew Naturals Essentials Gift Set

Made by a small business, this herbal and organic gift set includes popular items that your country girl will love.

Country Gifts For Her: Garden & Homestead

30. Spade to Fork Forever Garden Tool Set

Made to last, this garden tool set with solid brushed aluminum construction and ergonomic handles will become your country girl’s new best friend.

31. Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds

This seed starter kit with 35 varieties and a 25-year shelf life is a great gift for any hard-to-buy-for gal.

32. Ultimate Homestead Planner 2023 (Digital Format)

Help your homesteader get organized and productive with this digital downloadable planner.

33. Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner

Perfect for anyone interested in homesteading, this bound planner will inspire your country girl to be more self-sustaining.

34. Garden Lover “I’ll Be In My Office” Shirt

Bring a smile to your country girl’s face with this funny gardening shirt.

35. “Gardening When It Counts” Book

Rediscover traditional gardening methods and self-sufficiency with this book that teaches you how to garden like our ancestors.

36. Harvest Bag

Durable and versatile, this waxed canvas bag is perfect for gathering produce from the garden, carrying tools, and more.

37. Garden Stacker Planter with Herb Seeds

Give your country girl everything she needs to grow her own container herb garden with this complete kit.

38. 4-Tier Growing Rack

Ideal for starting and growing plants indoors or outdoors, this growing stand is a practical gift for any country girl.

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39. Farmers Defense Protective Gardening Sleeves

Keep bugs, insects, and scratches away from your country girl’s arms while she’s working in the garden with these breathable sleeves.

Country Gifts For Her: Animal Lovers

40. Equestrian Grooming Brush

Customize this equestrian grooming brush for the horse lover in your life.

41. Genuine Leather Saddle Bag

Classic and beautiful, this genuine leather saddle bag is a perfect gift for the trail riding country girl.

42. Custom Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Made of durable aluminum, this customizable chicken coop sign is a unique gift that ships quickly.

43. Customized Cattle Nose Guard for Halters

Make your prized cow’s rope halter even more special with a customized cattle nose guard.

44. Washable Orthopedic Dog Bed

Show your country girl’s loyal canine companion some love with this washable orthopedic dog bed.

45. Homestead Horse Record Book

Keep track of your horse’s records with this affordable and printable horse record book.

Country Gifts For Her: Splurge Worthy

These items may be on the pricier side, but they make worthwhile and lasting gifts for someone extra special!

47. Fleece Chimayo Jacket

Cozy and soft, this sherpa fleece jacket will keep your country girl warm and stylish.

48. Anthem Shortie Savanna Western Boot

Functional and fashionable, these versatile boots are a must-have for any country girl.

49. Well Woman Deluxe Herbal Gift Set

Indulge your country girl in a self-care wellness routine with this luxurious gift set.

50. Sunbubble

Ideal for the country girl who loves to grow plants, this dome-shaped greenhouse is both stylish and practical.

51. Customized Feeder Rack for Livestock

Make feeding livestock easier with this customizable feeder rack that clamps onto fences or stalls.

52. Handmade Custom Leather Show Harness

For the livestock show exhibitor, this custom handmade leather show harness is a truly special gift.

53. Arctic Zone Deep Freeze Premium Cooler

Perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures, this premium cooler will keep food and drinks cold for longer.

54. Carhartt Insulated Biberalls

These insulated coveralls are perfect for keeping your country girl warm in cold weather.

55. Rustic Metal Cylinder Pendant Light

Add a rustic touch to your country girl’s home with this stylish pendant light.

I hope this list of country gifts for her has inspired you and helped you find the perfect present. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference. And if you want more rural living inspiration, follow me on social media and check out my LTK page.

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