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In the world of web dramas, “Bad Girlfriend” takes center stage as a captivating tale of love and ambition. This Korean romance-drama follows the life of JiSoo, an advertising planner who finds herself entangled in a web of relationships.

A Star-Studded Cast

The drama showcases an ensemble of talented actors, each bringing their unique flair to the story. Byeon SeoYoon, known for her roles in “Moonshine” and “Police University,” takes on the lead character, JiSoo. Joining her are Park YoungWoon, who has previously starred in “The King In Love,” and rising stars Yoo JeongHoo and OMEGA X’s Hyuk, making their small screen debuts.

Enter the World of WHYNOT Media

Produced by WHYNOT Media, the creative powerhouse behind popular web dramas like “Kiss Goblin” and “Single & Ready To Mingle,” “Bad Girlfriend” promises an engaging storyline that will keep viewers hooked from the very first episode.

An Unsettling Love Triangle

At the heart of this drama is JiSoo, a woman torn between two men. She juggles a relationship with her superior at work, TaeOh, who is both a competent boss and a charismatic leader. Meanwhile, the entrance of JiHo, a cheerful young man, into JiSoo’s workplace threatens to shatter her seemingly perfect life. Can JiSoo maintain her balance and navigate the complexities of her two-legged relationship?

The Alluring Protagonist

JiSoo, played by the talented Byeon SeoYoon, is the ace of the ‘YN Planning’ team with her vibrant and attractive demeanor. Loved by both men and women, JiSoo revels in the attention she receives. However, when faced with the choice between two attractive men, she finds herself unable to make a decision.

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The Enigmatic JiHo

OMEGA X’s Hyuk takes on the role of JiHo, a recent college graduate working part-time at a cafe. With his warm and disarming appearance, JiHo melts the hearts of those around him. Despite his seemingly cold exterior, he harbors deep affection for JiSoo and dreams of working alongside her.

The Charismatic TaeOh

Park YoungWoon brings the character of TaeOh to life, the charismatic team leader of the ‘YN Planning’ team. Driven by his keen sense of reality and logic, TaeOh has led a life of victories and success. However, his encounter with JiSoo shatters his world of certainty, introducing him to the unfamiliar realm of unpredictability.

A Loyal Friend’s Turmoil

Yoo JeongHoo portrays HyunWoo, JiSoo’s long-time friend who is witness to her tangled web of relationships. Although he possesses admirable qualities, HyunWoo’s determination and aura prevent him from being treated carelessly. As JiSoo embarks on her complicated journey with two men, HyunWoo’s heart becomes entangled in emotions he had not anticipated.

Coming Soon

With its intriguing premise and talented cast, “Bad Girlfriend” promises to be a riveting drama that explores the complexities of relationships. As audiences eagerly anticipate the release, they can catch a glimpse of what’s to come through the tantalizing teasers and official posters.

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