Alternative Dating Sites: Find Your Edgy Better Half

Dating as an alt single isn’t always easy. Finding someone who shares your interests and lifestyle can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are alternative dating sites out there that can help you find that edgy better half for your life.

What Makes the Best Alt Dating Site?

The best alternative dating sites cater to your unique lifestyle and allow you to connect with people based on distance and personality. Whether you’re into goth, emo, or punk, there are dating apps tailored to your specific scene.

For example, goth dating apps can help you find someone who prefers The Cure to The Smiths, or vice versa. Emo dating apps let you identify someone who loves early Mission of Burma or idolizes Dashboard Confessional. And punk dating apps provide you with that special someone with whom you can debate about “true punk” for the rest of your life.

Punk rock couple

Expanding Your Horizons with Alternative Dating Sites

While some popular dating sites like Zoosk might not be considered top choices for alt dating, they offer a vast user base. This means you may find that emo partner or punk rock soulmate that other dating apps don’t highlight by searching beyond your state or even outside your country. Zoosk casts a wide net, focusing on as many people as possible to help you find that special someone who meets your needs.

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Zoosk website

When it comes to the dating world, eHarmony has been a long-standing favorite. Their in-depth personality-based service includes a comprehensive personal survey to match you with someone who best meets your dating needs. Whether you’re a goth, punk, or emo, eHarmony ensures they match your personality, making it an excellent option for alternative dating.

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For the Experienced Rockers

Many alternative dating sites are filled with younger people just discovering the joys of alternative music and rebellion. This can make it hard for older, long-term punk rockers to find a suitable match. However, sites like Silver Singles are changing the game by connecting you with people in your age range. So, while it might be more challenging to find punk rockers here than on other platforms, a growing number of long-term rockers are finding love through Silver Singles.

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Embrace Diversity with AltScene

Do you have diverse interests and don’t quite fit into any single alternative scene? AltScene may be the perfect dating app for you. It provides the broadest and most diverse range of scene dating interests on the market.

Whether you’re into punk, metal, emo, or goth, AltScene lets you choose your scene and search through profiles of people who share your interests. From musicians to artists and beyond, this diverse range of individuals makes AltScene one of the best alternative dating sites for finding like-minded people who fall within your specific interests and scene.

AltScene website

Rediscover Goth with GothScene

Goth culture didn’t die in the ’80s; it evolved with the times. The industrial movement of the ’90s and much of emo can be seen as extensions of goth. However, finding someone who aligns with your specific goth interests can still be challenging.

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Thankfully, GothScene is here to help! This exclusive dating site caters to people who love goth culture, including the music, art, and more. You can sort through various profiles to see what kind of goth your potential partner enjoys. With a free profile or premium membership, GothScene stands out as the best option among goth dating apps thanks to its broader customer base and high-quality support to ensure your safety.

GothScene website

Love for Metal Heads on MetalDating

Metal heads often face challenges in the dating world. Not everyone may appreciate the romantic appeal of loud guitars and fast drum beats, making it frustrating to find that special someone who shares your passion. That’s where MetalDating comes in.

Like emo or punk dating apps, MetalDating focuses on a shared love of music. You can set up your profile, highlight what you’re looking for in a relationship, and proudly display your favorite Meshuggah and Boris albums to let fellow metal heads know you’re the real deal. While a membership is required, you can set up emails, videos, and more to make finding your metal soulmate easier. Imagine having a first video date where you both blast Metallica’s greatest hits!

MetalDating website

OKCupid: Where Alt Lifestyles Thrive

OKCupid has been one of the most popular alternative dating sites for years. While it attracts “normies,” it also draws people from all walks of life, making it easier to find someone who fits your unique lifestyle.

What sets OKCupid apart is its extensive personality profiles based on comprehensive questions. These profiles can help you find people in your alternative lifestyle, such as those who still worship Kurt Cobain or can’t get enough of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless.” Best of all, you can use OKCupid for free, though premium benefits are available for those who choose to pay. This makes it an excellent option for alternative dating sites as it attracts punks, metalheads, and emo kids who prefer not to spend extra money on dating.

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Don’t Settle for Normal: Try Alt Dating

Dating sites offer an exciting way to meet singles near you who share your interests. With a profile that showcases your love for punk rock or any other alternative genre, you can use a dating site to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Through a dating algorithm, you can find people who enjoy the same music and activities as you. Chat online, get to know each other, and if you both feel comfortable, even meet in person. Using a dating site is a fun and easy way to meet new people who share your interests, so why not give it a try?

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